Bella Hadid looks like a Gen Z TikToker with her new hair

And we are obsessed

BEAUTYcrew Content Producer / October 09 2020

Bella Hadid has been proving her Gen Z status as of late with a series of style choices that make the model look like she has started taking cues from the creative kids on TikTok. 

From low slung jeans to layers upon layers, and oversized mens jackets to tiny crop tees, Hadid has really been laying on those retro noughties vibes *thiccc*. 

But the real icing on the cake has to be the model’s recent hair colour switch-up; losing her chocolate brown locks for chunky blonde highlights that frame her face. Paired with a laced up tank and low-rise tracksuit pants, we honestly feel like we have been transported into the bedrooms of one of our favourite TikTokers.

All she needs now is a few jazzy dance routines and I think we may have ourselves the next Addison Rae.

Speaking of Addison Rae - ever wondered how she keeps her lashes looking so stunning all the time? Here’s her lash routine.

Main image credit:@bellahadid

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