Bella Hadid's cool girl updo is held together with witchcraft and a prayer

Pure magic

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / January 31 2023

Bella Hadid is now blonde. And while we assume she must be having more fun as a result, it appears her new hair colour has bestowed her the magical ability to facilitate an updo with nary a hair tie or bobby pin in sight. 

The model took to TikTok to share a bit of hair wizardry that needs to be seen in order to be believed. 

In the clip, Hadid maintains a nonchalant air as she gathers her blonde tresses into her ponytail

She then wraps the strands around the base of the ponytail like a follicular helicopter blade, effortlessly tucks the ends in to secure the chignon, and twists her chiseled face from left to right to show off her handiwork. 

It’s safe to say Hadid’s hairdo has left fans baffled, with many admitting they’d watched the video on repeat and were still no closer to figuring out how she did it. 

“What did she do with her hair? I've watched [it] too many times,” said one viewer.

“Bella, how do you perfectly do a bun so easily?,” read one comment punctuated with a crying emoji.

“No hair bobble, just her hair????,” questioned another. “I'm genuinely confused as to how you just did that w/o a hair tie or pin.”

You’re not the only one, we’re officially filing Bella Hadid’s updo away as one of the universe’s greatest unexplained mysteries.

Great hair isn’t the model’s only claim to fame, Bella Hadid’s skin care routine is also *chefs kiss*. 

Main image credit: @babybella777

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