The vintage beauty product making a comeback

This product will change the way you apply mascara

Beauty Crew Contributor / September 19 2016

While we’re usually not quick to stray from our favourite beauty products that have served us loyally over the years, every now and again something completely different comes along and captures our attention. This was exactly the case when we heard about the Bésame Cosmetics Cake Mascara.

Not your typical mascara, the Bésame Cosmetics Cake Mascara comes with a wand applicator, but there’s not a tube in sight. Instead, the mascara comes in a palette.

While this product may seem groundbreaking, it’s actually not new at all. In fact dry ‘cake’ mascaras have been around for almost 100 years, launching onto the beauty scene back in the 1920s and were used by the like of Marilyn Monroe to enhance lashes for a glamorous effect.

The product works by dipping a wand into water before rolling it over the cake to work it into a paste-like formula that sticks to the wand. Then you apply your mascara like normal, zig-zagging the brush through your lashes. 

Bésame Cosmetics claims the benefits of this type of mascara is actually more sanitary than the tube mascara we’re used to, as it allows you to completely clean the wand after every use, reduces the bacteria and dry flaky remnants that would usually build up on the wand, and the palette can even double as an eyeliner, helping you create the perfect cat eye.

This new-but-not-new mascara is already proving to be in high demand. It currently retails for AUD$25 at Bésame Cosmetics Australia and sold out at Sephora in a matter of days. With all the hype surrounding it, we’re keen to see how it measures up to our trusty ‘traditional’ mascara. Check out the video below to see how the cake works:

Image credit: @besamecosmetics

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