The best celebrity no-makeup makeup looks

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BEAUTYcrew Content Producer / August 12 2020

There’s nothing quite like no-makeup makeup: a pared back but polished moment that can be relied on to pep us up on days when our skin’s looking a little drab or when the idea of painting on a full face of makeup just doesn’t appeal. And it seems celebrities share this sentiment, with actors, models and musicians alike choosing to rock the low-key look as a part of their off-duty uniform.

The secret behind any successful face of no-makeup makeup is less ‘masking’ and more ‘enhancing’ – yep, we're talking about playing up those natural features your momma gave you. Think lightweight base products that let your skin shine through, creamy pops of blush and a sweaty sheen of illuminator on the high points of the face. Lips are lacquered in layers of clear gloss rather than bold colour and mascara used sparingly, applied for just a little definition.

Yep, there’s an art to this whole effortless thing.

Here are some of the celeb makeup looks that have convinced us that, when it comes to makeup, sometimes less is best:

Lili Reinhart

Lili’s cherry gloss is clearly the crowning glory of this look. Not only does the rosy hue add a delightful pop of colour to the lips, it perfectly complements Lili’s stunning green eyes, which the actress has subtly accentuated with lengthy lashes.

Jorja Smith

Jorja Smith is one of those unusually attractive people that can pull faces like the sleepy-eyed pose below and somehow still look good. No-makeup makeup is literally *made* for this woman. Peep the subtle kitten eye, mauvey toned lips and cheeks, and defined brows fam.

Duckie Thot

Make like Duckie and ditch the coloured makeup for a simple yet perfected velvet-like finish on the skin, clear gloss on the lips and filled in, natural-looking brows. A stroke of genius.

Rowan Blanchard

Please welcome to the chat, the ‘boy beat’ part of the no-makeup makeup category, with Rowan Blanchard’s toned down version of a ‘90s brick red lip. The actress has played up the look with naked lids and cheeks and an undone, fluffy boy brow. 

Iris Law

Iris Law has nailed the off-duty model look with this one. From the bronzed, illuminated skin, to the glistening lids and juicy, glossy lips, the glow on this girl knows no bounds. 

Love seeing these celebs looking a little more natural. These are the best celebrity makeup-free selfies of 2020.

Main image credit: @lilireinhart

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