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Beauty Crew Contributing Editor / April 24 2024

What are the benefits of using an eyelash serum?

BEAUTYcrew spoke to the founder of Sydney-based NNC Pro Beauty Salon, Natalia Nicoletti, who not only offers lash and brow treatments, but she's also formulated a lash and brow serum of her own — NNC Pro Beauty Lash Serum ($35.95 (usually $39) from NNC Pro Beauty).

What ingredients should we be looking for in an eyelash or eyebrow hair growth serum? 

"In my opinion, some of the best ingredients for promoting hair growth in lashes and brows include castor oil, vitamins such as biotin, panthenol, and vitamin E, as well as moisturising agents like hyaluronic acid," says Nicoletti, because they nourish and strengthen lashes and brows, and promote healthy growth. "Castor oil, in particular, stands out for its rich content of nourishing fatty acids and its historical use in supporting hair growth," she went on to say. "It's moisturising properties hydrate and condition the lashes and brows, while its nutrient content nourishes the hair follicles, leading to stronger and thicker lashes and brows over time."

Are there any ingredients we should be avoiding?

"It's advisable to avoid serums containing prostaglandin analogs like bimatoprost," she advises. "These compounds may lead to undesirable side effects such as eye irritation and changes in iris colour."

When is the best time to apply an eyelash or eyebrow serum and why? 

According to Nicoletti, applying your lash serum evening is the best way to let the product work its magic overnight without interference from makeup or other environmental factors. "Applying before bed ensures the serum has time to fully absorb into the hair follicles," she explains. "But you can also apply the serum in the morning before applying makeup for additional care."

Is there an application technique that can improve the efficacy of an eyelash or eyebrow serum? 

"For best results, apply the serum along the roots and length of your lashes," says Nicoletti. "When applying to your brows, try giving them a quick massage with the serum. This massage boosts circulation and helps the serum absorb better, which can lead to stronger and fuller lashes. It's a simple way to get the most out of your serum," she explains.

Can you wear an eyelash or eyebrow serum under makeup? 

"Yes, you can wear eyelash or eyebrow serums under makeup products like mascara, brow pencil, or tinted brow gel," says Nicoletti. "However, it's best to allow the serum to fully dry before applying makeup to prevent smudging or dilution of the product."

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