5 couple-friendly sex toys to enhance intimacy

Yes, sex toys are for couples too

February 04 2024

It’s no secret that exploring intimacy solo holds a myriad of benefits. Whether it be discovering more about yourself, your body, your desires, getting that good ol’ rush of endorphins - need we go on? Add in another person and things get even more exciting.

While sex toys are known for their solo benefits, for couples looking to enhance their experiences, sex toys offer a variety of options to add excitement, increase pleasure, and deepen connection. Here, we round up our top choices for couples looking to spice up their intimate time.

2024’s top 3 sex toys for couples

We-Vibe Chorus, $239.99, Sexyland
Lovense Ferri, $171, Amazon Australia
Lelo Lyla 2, $160.30, Amazon Australia

We-Vibe Chorus

The We-Vibe Chorus stands out for its adjustable design, providing simultaneous internal and external stimulation. Renowned for its ability to adapt to different body types, it offers remote and app control options for dynamic and versatile play.

Key features:
- Customisable shape
- Accompanying squeeze remote
- Compatible with app for long distance

Available at:
- $239.99 from Sexyland
- $239.99 from Wild Secrets
- $289.95 from JouJou Vibe
- $299 from THE ICONIC
- $299 from We-Vibe

Lelo Lyla 2

The Lelo Lyla 2 is perfect for discreet play, offering a thrilling experience with its remote-controlled design. Designed for internal use, it allows the partner to control vibration patterns and intensities, adding an element of surprise to your intimate moments.

Key features:
- Quiet vibration
- Can be used up to 12 metres away
- Compatible remote control

Available at:
- $160.30 from Amazon Australia
- $202.30 from Dick Smith
- $219.95 from Lovehoney
- $219.95 from JouJou Vibe
- $229 from THE ICONIC

Lovense Ferri

For couples in long-distance relationships or those seeking to add excitement to their outings, the Lovense Ferri is a top choice. This magnetic panty vibrator is controlled via an app, allowing for playful remote interaction.

Key features:
- Magnetic adherence
- Compatible with app
- Customisable vibration levels
- Can be used long-distance

Available at:
- $171 from Amazon Australia
- $174.95 from Aphrodite’s Pleasure
- $199.95 from JouJou Vibe
- $199.99 from Sexyland
- $224.95 from Lovehoney

Sportsheets Beginner's Bondage Kit

The Sportsheets Beginner's Bondage Kit is ideal for couples venturing into light BDSM. Including soft restraints and a blindfold, it's a safe and exciting way to explore new dynamics in your relationship.

Key features:
- 4 wrist/ankle cuffs
- Long tethers 
- Soft blindfold

Available at:
- $31.50 from Pleasure Chest
- $42.99 from Femplay
- $49.95 from Sexyland
- $49.95 from Lovehoney

Vush Massage Oil Candle

The Vush Massage Oil Candle transforms into a warm massage oil, perfect for sensual foreplay. While not a traditional sex toy, it sets the mood for intimacy and can be a gateway to further exploration.

Key features:
- Soy wax base
- Hand poured
- Low burning temperature
- Two-wick
- Shea butter formula
- Warm Sandalwood + Vanilla Sugar scent

Available at:
- $43.55 from BEAUTY BAY
- $55 from David Jones
- $55 from Universal Store
- $55 from THE ICONIC
- $55 from Vush

How couples can introduce a sex toy into their dynamic

Adding sex toys into a couple's dynamic can lead to new levels of pleasure and intimacy. Remember, the most important aspects are communication and mutual consent. Each couple is unique, so take the time to explore and find what resonates with your relationship. Start slow and remember to check in with each other.

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