Beyoncé let her mum give her a haircut

And no, that is not a wig

BeautyCrew Content Producer / June 28 2019

Beyoncé is a notoriously private person, however, when it comes to her mum Tina Lawson, the pop star is more than happy to make an exception.

Tina shared a rare glimpse into Bey’s life on Instagram (though she later deleted the post) when Beyoncé’s hairstylist Neal Farinah handed over the scissors and let her mum have a go at cutting her daughter’s hair. She captioned the video: “I was trimming my baby’s hair today, and I am mocking Neal!”

In the video, Tina can be heard repeating the phrase “au naturel, all natural darling” in reference to Beyoncé’s long flowing locks, though the singer appears unamused by her mum’s antics, saying, “mama that’s really annoying, I mean, very annoying…mama!”

The most amazing thing is that all of that hair is *actually* Beyoncé’s, which Farinah confirmed when he posted the same video with the caption: “WHAT WEAVE WHAT WIG. YES YES ALL NATURAL @mstinalawson @beyonce LET THEM KNOW 😂😂😂😂. SAY WHAT BLACK GIRLS GOT HAIR.”

Beyoncé has been known to be a great lover of wigs throughout her career and honestly, with hair like that, we understand why she she’s been using them for years; she’s managed to maintain extremely healthy natural hair by forgoing excessive heat styling and colour changes.

Beyoncé’s not the only one with a penchant for wigs. These 17 celebrities are notorious wig-wearers.

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Main image credit: @beyonce

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