Beyoncé reflects on that pixie cut she got in 2013

"I just wanted it off"

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / February 20 2024

In case you weren't aware, Beyoncé is finally releasing her own haircare line

The icon might be on the verge of dropping her first ever country music album titled 'Act II', but that hasn't stopped her from pursuing new pastures with her haircare line Cécred.

Knowles-Carter, and her mother Tina Knowles, recently spoke to Essence magazine prior to the brand's launch on February 20th and naturally, the topic of hair came up. 

During the interview the singer spoke of her mother's Houston hair salon, where Beyoncé worked her first job sweeping and washing hair, and how it's informed her life today.

"I have vivid memories of my mother working as a hairstylist right from our home," she said in the interview.

"Hair has always been a very big part of our lives," her mother explained. "Just as fashion saved our family, hair is how we made a living."

"In the culture of Black folks, all the way from the beginning: if you could do some hair, you’ll never be broke," she continued. "I told my kids that. My mama told me that. So it’s just our legacy, and this full-circle moment feels amazing."

"I became a mixologist, back then there was no one product that mixed high-tech hair care with the nourishing moisturisers and oils so vital to textured or colour-treated hair, so I mixed the two," she went on to say. "I was told Black women’s hair could not have colour and perm at the same time. I proved that theory wrong. Now Cécred has the latest science with tried-and-true rituals passed down from generations before."

"So much of the fabric of who I am came from her salon," Beyoncé explained. "That’s my foundation—and I think as an artist, so much of my bold experimentation with hair comes from being inspired by art and sculptures; getting creative with braids; figuring out new techniques; and exploring ways to maintain hair growth with protective styles and wigs, while still feeling fabulous. It all stems from my experiences growing up in my mother’s salon."

"I love how we associate a certain hairstyle with moments in our lives, like that short hair moment," she said, referencing the pixie cut she rocked in 2013. 

"I remember the day I decided to just cut all my hair off," she said in the interview. "I didn’t have a particular style in mind. It wasn’t an aesthetic choice, but it was a very big emotional transformation and metamorphosis that I was going through."

"So much of my identity as a performer has been connected to flowing hair," she explained. "Cutting my hair off was me rebelling against being this woman that society thinks I’m supposed to be."

"I was a new mother, and something about the liberation of becoming a mother made me want to just shed all of that. It was a physical representation of me shedding the expectations put upon me. I just wanted it off," she said. 

"Neal Farinah, my hairstylist and friend, was freaking out because it was really long, really thick and really healthy, [but] I just got the scissors and chopped it off. It was very intentional. And it was what I needed to do. And after that, I became super brave," she continued. "It was the first step to many more audacious decisions I made in my life and my career that have led to who I am now."


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