What are BIAB nails and are they better than regular gel?

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Editor / March 15 2023

Whether you’re a lover of nail art or prefer to keep things neutral, we all want our professional manicures to be worth every cent. Regular salon go-ers will already be across the different benefits of SNS nails, gels and acrylics, but there’s some new tech in town being referred to as BIAB nails.

We spotted the service via The Parlour Room (one of our favourite nail salons in Sydney) and were curious to know more. 

So are BIAB nails worth a try? Natalie Ferrari, founder and owner of The Parlour Room fills us in below…

What is BIAB?

Just like Shellac, the name BIAB is named after a brand of nail polish. The acronym stands for ‘Builder In A Bottle’. 

“Its unique formula mimics the strength and durability that clients have come to know and love with their SNS and acrylic nails, but it’s by far much healthier for your nail plate underneath,” explains Ferrari.


What are the benefits of BIAB nails? And who is the treatment best for?

BIAB provides the same long-wearing and glossy finish as SNS and acrylics, but it works to strengthen and harden the natural nail while it’s at it. It’s heavy-duty but with the flexibility of gel polish.

“It’s not as harsh on your nails, so if you have weak or brittle nails to begin with, or as a result of consistently having SNS or acrylic on, it’s a much better alternative” says Ferrari.

It’s also great for nail-biters, as BIAB can be built up to create a little extra length (as well as strength) while providing a resistant barrier to your chompers.

How long does BIAB last?

In her experience, Ferrari finds that BIAB lasts longer than a typical gel mani. Her ballpark? Between 3-4 weeks.

Is there anything different about a nail appointment when you opt for BIAB?

While the application of BIAB is pretty stock-standard, there is something to note about following appointments and removal.

With BIAB you don’t need to book in for a soak off each time, rather much like your acrylics you can get infills every 3-4 weeks,” explains Ferrari. “To remove completely however, you will need a soak off.”

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