The biggest spa trend of the year might give you a yeast infection

We blame Kourtney Kardashian

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / January 24 2023

Somehow, we’re almost a month into the year. 

We’ve already made (and broken) our New Year’s resolutions, Marie Kondo-ed our makeup kits, and been delivered a list of trendy spa treatments that are set to make the next 11 months of the year, erm, interesting to say the least. 

SpaSeekers recently released a report of the wellness and spa trends that are set to define the year ahead and the findings have us, shall we say, perturbed. 

Concerned foremost for our bank accounts, we’ve also come to fear for our womanhood, because smackbang at the top of the list is the ‘yoni steam’ (followed by ‘crystal healing massage’).

With these weird celebrity beauty treatments beloved by the Kourtney Kardashians and Gwyneth Paltrows of the world (and disputed by medical professionals) rising in popularity, it seems that alternative beauty is closing in on the mainstream. 

However, if a steamed yoni and being massaged with crystals doesn’t sound like your kind of thing, there are also more conventional entries on the list of biggest spa trends of the year to try.

The Top 10 Trending Spa Treatments of 2023 

1/ Yoni steam  

Increase in searches: 124%  

2/ Crystal healing massage  

Increase in searches: 91%  

3/ Turkish bath massage

Increase in searches: 85%  

4/ Gold massage  

Increase in searches: 84%  

5/ Lymphatic drainage facial

Increase in searches: 83%  

6/ Sound bath  

Increase in searches: 83%  

7/ Colonic hydrotherapy 

Increase in searches: 83%  

8/ Salt sauna

Increase in searches: 83%  

9/ Ayurveda massage

Increase in searches: 50%  

10/ Light therapy facial 

Increase in searches: 49%  

While 2023 is looking like a weird and wacky year, we’re hoping that these 2022 beauty trends are set to retire

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