The bizarre ingredient Shay Mitchell uses as a lip stain

And you can find it in your fridge

Beauty Crew Contributor / August 22 2017

From her Smashbox collaboration to the sneaky product she uses as highlighter, Shay Mitchell is fast becoming one of our go-to celebs for beauty tricks and tips. And her latest beauty hack has certainly added to our love and appreciation for the Pretty Little Liars actress. It’s not every day a celebrity credits using a raw vegetable for makeup purposes but as Shay recently revealed in an interview with Insider, she uses raw beetroot to help her achieve an ‘I woke up like this’ beauty look.

“I’ll rub them on my lips if I want to have a natural rosy tint for the whole day, because it really does last,” she said. “So yeah, you’re almost tinting your lips using a raw beet.”

Not only are beetroots now at the top of our shopping list because we’re keen to copy Shay’s rosy lip tint hack, but they come with the added bonus of delivering health – and more specifically, skin – benefits. The vegetable is packed with vitamin C and betalain (which gives the vegetable its colour). The benefits of these two nutrients include anti-ageing perks like reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and treating pigmentation and blemishes. We’ll take 10, thanks.

Need some tips on how to incorporate beetroot (our new favourite vegetable) into your diet? We’ve got you covered.

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Image credit: @shaymitchell

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