The tips Blake Lively’s makeup artist swears by

And they’re super easy to do yourself

Beauty Crew Contributor / May 25 2017

If there’s one celebrity we look to over and over again for nailing the perfect red carpet makeup look it’s Blake Lively. Whether it’s a bold lip, smoky eye or something neutral and sun-kissed, the actress always pulls it off with ease. So when her makeup artist, Kristofer Buckle spoke to E! News about the simple rules he follows when creating the perfect fresh and radiant makeup look, we were keen to learn a thing or two.


Buckle, Blake’s long time makeup artist, explains the key to a well-balanced makeup look is to select the right lip colour to complement the rest of the look. “I select a lip colour to either pop, recede or balance. If we’re going for more of an eye look, I select a flattering colour that isn’t too deep or distracting. If we go with less on the eye, I’ll select a bright or deep shade lip, and sometimes I select a colour in between when a natural, balanced look is desired,” he says.

Another secret he swears by to create Blake’s radiant looks is to ensure the makeup colours complement her skin tone. But his trick is to pick a shade with the opposite undertones to the complexion. “If someone has a lot of yellow in their skin, I use a pink with cool undertones,” he says.

Yes, the tricks to creating flawless makeup looks are that simple.

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