Blake Lively shares her beauty fail on Instagram

And it’s something we can all relate to

InStyle Contributor / June 19 2017

Blake Lively forgot to rub in her sunscreen. And, you know what? She couldn't care less. The mother of two snapped a photo in front of a giant Ferris wheel, then shared it with her fans—even after she noticed that something was amiss.

"Life can be so sweet...even when your face is covered in clumpy sunscreen and you have no idea," the actress captioned the summery snap, which also put her perfect beach waves on full display.

Indeed, Blake looks positively blissful—and SPF-protected!—in a straw hat, layered necklaces, and statement sunglasses.

We have a feeling Blake will be hitting a lot of kid-friendly locales this summer. Not only does she have two wee ones of her own; her Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants bestie Amber Tamblyn is also a brand new mum!

As Tamblyn recently affirmed to InStyle, the actresses are super close to this day: "When we see each other it's like a mile a minute, like our husbands can't even get in a word edgewise," she said. But we need to interject here, just to say: these ladies make our whole lives sunnier.

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