Blake Lively’s trick for flawless makeup, every time

Blake Lively's trick for flawless makeup

Because lighting is *everything*

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / August 21 2018

You know the feels when you *meticulously* apply your makeup in the bathroom, only to go outside and catch your reflection and think, ‘Am I even wearing makeup?’. Well, there’s actually a reason behind this (and a celeb-approved solution!).

Contrary to what you may think, your makeup vanishing off your face is rarely due to its lack of staying power: it’s all about the glorious lighting.

And it turns out our pal Blake Lively knows EXACTLY how to fix this problem - and who better to trust than the queen of flawless skin herself.

In a recent clip on her Instagram Stories, Blake sang praise for a specific tool we’ve never heard of before (and immediately need, now). It’s called The Makeup Light.

Sitting in a fluffy white bathrobe getting her makeup done, Blake confirms, “This is not an ad!” before asking her makeup artist Kristofer Buckle, “What do you use every single time you do makeup?”

“The Makeup Light,” Buckle replies, “it’s a perfectly balanced white light to do your makeup in. It’s the best light to do you makeup…Oh, and you can stick it anywhere.” 

Designed specifically for makeup artists (warning: it doesn’t come cheap!), it’s basically an LED lamp mirror that mimics natural sunlight so you get a better idea of what your makeup will actually look like in a different light. It also provides super crisp detail, ensuring flawless application, every time.

“Because when you don’t do your makeup in great light, you walk outside and look crazy,” adds Blake.

So. Damn. True. You know all those times you thought your makeup was on point only to find it looks a bit on the cakey side? Yep, we’ve all been there.

But if your makeup passes the test of daylight (thanks to this nifty little tool), it’s almost certain it’s going to look good as the hours pass on. Read: Red carpets and weddings. We think it would make for a killer selfie light, too! 

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