Bobbi Brown’s lip liner tip changes everything

Bobbi Brown’s Foolproof Tip For Lining Your Lips

Apparently we’ve all been doing it wrong

Beauty Crew Contributing Editor / May 31 2018

Lip liners are one of those beauty products that divides people. Some love them and couldn’t imagine wearing a bold lippie without their trusty lip liner to keep it all within the lines. And then there are those who've had one too many bad experiences and have given up on them for good.

Well, this hot tip from Bobbi Brown might just be the sage piece of advice those lip liner non-believers need to change their minds...and completely overhaul their lipstick game.

For those already-converts, don’t worry, you’ll get a kick out of this, too.

Let’s start with what we currently ‘know’. We apply lip liner to the outer edge of our lips before our lipstick to prevent the lip colour from bleeding and to define the lip shape. Now, after all this time believing that lip liner goes on before lippie, Bobbi Brown has news for us.

On a #AskAllure Instagram story segment for Allure, Bobbi Brown shared this golden advice when asked ‘Lining your lips feels like such a necessity now! Can you show us the most efficient way to line your lips?’:

“The best way to line your lips is after your lipstick is on. Make sure your lip pencil is the EXACT colour of your lipstick. Do it after and you cannot make a mistake.”

Upon further investigation, we found this explanation from one of Bobbi Brown’s makeup artist, Cassandra Garcia, who told Huffington Post, “You’ll see exactly where you’ll need to line. And when your lipstick starts to fade away, it fades away your liner. That way you’re not left with a ring around your lips.”

So much sense.

TOP TIP: If you want to stick to applying lip liner pre-lipstick, instead of outlining the lips, use your lip liner all over you lips. This will help prevent your lipstick formula from slipping and sliding throughout the day. Basically it acts as a lip colour primer.

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Do you currently use lip liner? Will you reconsider using it now that you know Bobbi Brown’s hack?

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