Brooke Hogan shares her skin care routine and the cult-favourite fragrance she wore on her wedding day

“It’s the one product I wear every day”

March 03 2022


You’ll have a hard time finding any ‘wedding makeup inspo’ folder that doesn’t include images of Brooke Hogan getting ready for her recent seaside nuptials in Victoria. 

The model, Biossance brand ambassador and business owner has long been admired for her naturally glowing skin, complete with perfectly scattered freckles that we’ve all attempted to draw on with a brown eye pencil


BEAUTYcrew were lucky enough to speak with Brooke about how her beauty routine has changed since she first started modelling (Australia’s Next Top Model fans will remember a young Brooke who was a contestant almost a decade ago), her favourite luxe (and budget) beauty products and the professional treatments she relies on to keep her skin in check…

Run us through your night time skin care routine…

My skin is pretty sensitive on my face and certain ingredients flare up my perioral dermatitis. So for the past 12 months (and especially the weeks leading up to my wedding), I have really pared back my skin care regimen and have only been using extremely gentle products to reduce any irritation and redness. I use the Biossance Squalane + Amino Aloe Gentle Cleanser ($40 at Sephora) morning and night, which has become one of my favourite cleanser products I’ve ever used.

I like to use a hydrating serum before bed; I am loving the Biossance Squalane + Copper Peptide Rapid Plumping Serum ($104 at Sephora). I also have melasma on my forehead, so depending on how I am feeling I will use vitamin A (on this area only) for exfoliation and to reduce the appearance of my dark spots.  

We’re personally big fans of Synergie Skin Acceler-A ($135.45 at and Skinstitut Expert Reveal Retinol Face Oil ($99 at Adore Beauty)

Does your beauty routine change when you’re travelling?

When I’m travelling I just make sure I pack super hydrating creams and serums, as my skin can get a little bit dry depending on the climate. Of course, if I am travelling somewhere warm, I will pack multiple SPF products for my face and body. I [also] like to keep my makeup light to avoid congestion and give my skin a break. 

Do you have a celebrity beauty muse?

Hailey Bieber. I love that she doesn’t wear lots of makeup and even if she is wearing makeup, she always looks natural and looks like herself. I think embracing your skin and realising that less is more is really powerful and I feel [like] she always has that effortless glow that oozes self-confidence. 


Has your approach to skin care and makeup changed since you first started modelling?

When I was younger I hated my freckles and beauty spots and I would lather my nose and cheeks in thick concealer to cover them up. However, when I started modelling, I realised that those things that I hated about myself were the things that made me unique and are what clients and makeup artists would love about me. 

Now, I like to show my natural skin and I barely wear makeup unless I am going somewhere. My skin care regimen has ramped up as I’ve gotten older [too]. I would say the biggest change from when  I started modelling 10 years ago is wearing SPF, it’s the one product I wear every single day. 


Are there any professional treatments that are an essential part of your beauty routine? Or any that were introduced in the lead up to your wedding?

I receive professional treatments maybe every eight weeks or so. This usually consists of a good cleanse and exfoliation using gentle products and my favourite, an LED treatment. I don’t like to overdo it; for me, my skin likes less in every way and in the lead up to my wedding I tried not to change too much. 

When your skin is misbehaving or you’re feeling run down, what’s the first thing you do?

Pare everything back and use clean products that don’t irritate my skin. Drink lots of water, reduce refined sugar, eat lots of veggies and make sure I get extra sleep. Sounds simple but it really works!

Favourite luxury beauty buy?

An LED mask. I have one on my wish list!

Favourite budget beauty buy?

LANOLIPS Tinted Balm SPF 30 in the shade ‘Perfect Nude’ ($14.95 at Adore Beauty)

What fragrance did you wear on your wedding day?

Mojave Ghost by Byredo ($245 at MECCA)

Main image credit: @brookehogan

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