5 workout moves that are better for you than burpees

According to trainer Charlee Atkins

July 31 2020

Permission to state the obvious? Burpees suck. Yes, they utilise all muscle groups. And yes, they’re epic at firing up the heart rate and increasing cardio endurance. But they also require a certain level of coordination some of us (read: me) don’t have.

Cue Charlee Atkins, certified strength and conditioning specialist and the founder of Le Sweat. Via a recent Instagram Live, she shared a few “burpee alternatives” that are guaranteed to whip your bod into shape: sprawls, jump squats, kick throughs, lateral bounds and push-ups.

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In the comments, she explained that burpees are “a recipe for injury” and don’t actually achieve anything other than splatting “yourself on the ground repetitively.” They also put a huge amount of stress on the anterior shoulder which, btw, is one of the weakest parts.  

That’s why these five moves work so well: they involve the exact same components of a burpee ("a true burpee includes a jump squat and a push-up”), but by breaking it down you can better focus on your form. This, Charlee adds, will “serve you more over time.”

Check out her post for a full run-down on how to properly perform each exercise.

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