Busy Philipps just shared the most EPIC beauty fail

Busy Philipps - celebrity beauty fails


Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / August 15 2018

There are beauty disasters you can recover from and then there are those real stinkers that make you want to move countries and change your name. You know the ones.

But if you’re Busy Philipps, you take it on the chin, log on to Instagram and share it with the *entire* world.

Now that’s confidence.

In a short clip that mainly consists of Busy fighting off fits of laughter, the actress shared her epic overnight eye mask fail, pointing out her red and irritated eyes. She says, “Only me. Oh god…of course.”

Indeed, her under-eyes are looking a little worse for wear!

Check out the full clip below:

While full-face masks have exploded in recent years (check out Busy’s favourite sheet masks), eye masks have become *just* as big (and Instagrammable!). For good reason.

They’re known for their ability to send dark circles, puffiness and fine lines packing, while brightening, hydrating and smoothing the skin. So, pretty much the complete opposite of Busy’s current situation.

Perhaps her eye mask of choice wasn’t actually meant to be left on overnight? Or the formula was way too concentrated for her skin? Either way, it’s a lesson we can all learn from: remember that the area around your eyes is suuuper delicate, so take extra care with applying eye creams and masks.

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What’s your biggest beauty fail? Let us know in the comment section below.

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