Carrie Bickmore reveals glossy brunette hair

The TV host has said bye-bye to the blonde

Beauty Crew Editor / May 25 2017

Carrie Bickmore, TV host, media darling and founder of Carrie's Beanies 4 Brain Cancer, has just ditched her signature blonde locks and debuted a glossy brunette colour thanks to Garnier Nutrisse and a new campaign she’s doing for it.

Yep, this colour job is the handiwork of the Garnier at-home hair dye – shade #6 Acorn to be exact, but it should be noted that the colouring process did involve a colour correction step to ensure the hue would take and look as glossy as it does.

Beauty Crew was lucky enough to chat to Carrie to discuss the colour change and how her beauty routine has changed since taking the step over to the dark side. 

What was your first reaction to seeing your brunette hair?
I actually loved it instantly. I thought it would take me time to adjust but surprisingly it didn't! 

What inspired you to make the change?
I wanted a change and when Garnier asked if I'd think about trying a darker Nutrisse shade I thought why not take the plunge? I have always wanted to try being a brunette but never knew which colour to go.  I am trying to be more spontaneous as I get older! 

What did your kids think of your new look?
I was worried my daughter wouldn't recognise me, but she didn't flinch. My son is taking longer to adjust. He misses blonde mummy! I keep telling him brunette mummy will be more fun. 

How has it changed your beauty routine? Are you trying different makeup looks and colours?
Absolutely, my eyes look greener with brown hair so it's meant we can experiment with different eye shadow colours that we never could have used before. We have also changed the colour of my foundation so that I don't look too pale. 

What are the biggest things you’ve learnt about caring for your new colour?
That I need to use good colour-saving products, so that the colour stays rich and creamy. 

Are you styling it differently now that the colour has had a makeover?
I feel like maybe I don't need to style it as much, because it looks fresh and is so soft because of the avocado oils in it, that that it kind of just bounces around and looks good without me playing around with it too much. 

Are you now tempted to try other colours?
Maybe red next! Why not!! Or a really dark, dark brown.

Carrie’s tips for going darker: “As long as you protect your hair along the way and take time to do the colour change properly you can give lots of colours a go!”

Image credits: Getty; Supplied

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