What to look for in a Certified Natural deodorant

Your guide to deodorant green flags

Editor / April 18 2023

We talk a lot about ‘type’ these days, whether it’s the skin type category you fall into or the type of partner you look for. And yet, while we all tend to have long laundry lists of all our non-negotiables across a few select categories, we’re still willing to compromise in others.

But one category we’re simply sick of sacrificing in is deodorant. We want something more natural that takes its role (as an item we use literally everyday) seriously. Like, how are we still copping white marks in 2023?! And how are Certified Natural products still not easily available?!

Fret not, though; we’ve got a few bright ideas around how to stop settling for sub-par options – we’re here to help you find the Certified Natural deodorant formula that’ll tick off every item on your ‘want’ list. Here’s exactly what to look for in a Certified Natural deodorant…

#1 48-hour odour protection

Our top quality to look for? Whether your deodorant does what it’s designed to do, of course. The ability to provide protection against odour is always going to be number one. You want to reach for something that neutralises any iffy odours and keeps you fresh for the long haul. Luckily, we’ve got just the ticket: the Schmidt’s Certified Natural Deodorant Spray ($11 at Woolworths) offers long-lasting odour protection (for an impressive 48 hours to be specific), imparting fresh, sweet-smelling scent that’ll last all day (and beyond).

Schmidt's Certified Natural Aerosol Deodorant Spray Rose & Vanilla

#2 No artificial fragrances

Considering our fave deodorant scents all hail from natural elements (flowers, woods, fruits, etc.), we like to get as close to the real thing as possible – we don’t want any of that artificial stuff. Schmidt’s is well aware of our high standards in the fragrance department, pulling their aromas from an array of dreamy essential oils, never artificial fragrance. They’re actually against artificial elements all around – in fact, Schmidt’s is a Certified Natural deodorant with 99 per cent natural origin ingredients, as deemed by natural product specialist Ecocert. As for your non-artificial scent options, there are three fragrances that allow you to switch up your scent as you please: Sandalwood & Citrus (zesty but smooth), Lavender & Sage (soothing and herbaceous), and Rose & Vanilla (fresh and sweet all at once).

Schmidt's Certified Natural Deodorant Spray Sandalwood & Citrus

#3 No white marks

Nothing counts a deodorant out of the ‘ever to be used again’ club like white marks. And yet, to (loosely) paraphrase Hilary Duff’s iconic speech in A Cinderella Story, waiting for a deodorant that doesn’t leave pesky white marks on your beloved fits is like waiting for rain in a drought. Well, we advise fetching your metaphorical umbrella, because said drought is done – Schmidt’s formulas leave no visible residue, and absolutely no white marks. Consider your clothes and armpits safe from the chalky horror stories they’ve seen before. And that brings us to…

#4 No aluminium salts

How do these aerosols work their white mark-free wizardry, you may be wondering? It all comes down to their elimination of aluminum salts. You won’t find any aluminum salts in the formulas, meaning no white marks. Blessings! But though the formula itself is made without said salts, the container is made from aluminum metal, which makes the packaging infinitely and easily recyclable. Clever stuff.

#5 Vegan-certified status

Another giant green flag we look for in a natural deodorant is a ‘certified vegan’ status. Thankfully your newly beloved Schmidt’s formula is certified vegan by Vegan Action (definitely the real deal). And for the record, these aerosols are also proudly not tested on animals. Basically, there’s zero reason not to spritz.

Schmidt's Certified Natural Aerosol Deodorant Lavender & Sage

#6 Being Australian-made

Hands up if you prefer products that are homegrown right here in Australia? Ah yes, everyone! There’s a reason we Aussies relate best to Margot Robbie, you know? We love something that hails from our homeland, and Schmidt’s is proud to be Australian-made. There are a whole bevy of benefits to being Aussie-made, too – not only does shopping this way help to support the Australian economy, it also helps to save fuel on transportation from overseas that helps to reduce emissions.

#7 Ozone-friendly spray

Lastly, you’ll want to look for a super soft spray. Schmidt’s Certified Natural Deodorant Spray uses an ozone-friendly nitrogen propellant – we know that sounds science-y, so here’s what you need to know: since the spray uses nitrogen (which is a predominate component of the Earth’s atmosphere and so is already present in the air), it won’t harm the ozone layer. If that doesn’t make you want to grab a can, we don’t know what will. FYI, nitrogen is a propellant that doesn’t even require mixing, so there’s no need to shake up before applying. Simply hold the can upright, spray (about 15cm from your underarm), and enjoy the endless benefits of your new favourite Certified Natural deodorant spray.

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