CHANEL just won Paris Fashion Week with this pretty hairstyle

Kaia Gerber at the CHANEL Spring 2019 runway show

We want to copy everything, immediately

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / October 03 2018

PSA: CHANEL just gave us a lesson on how to rock the prettiest spring hair look, ever. And youre probably going to want to copy it immediately.

While Karl Lagerfeld always masterminds mind-blowingly magnificent runway sets (this seasons catwalk was transformed into an *actual* beach – handsome lifeguards included), we seriously couldnt take our eyes off the stunning hair and makeup looks for more than one reason.

Models took to the runway/sand showing off quite possibly the dreamiest hairstyle we have ever laid our peepers on. Hairstylist Sam McKnight was the man behind the models tresses, creating beach-inspired half-up half-down ponytails, with a few strands left out at the front to soften the face.

Kaia Gerber

While we’re no stranger to the ol’ beachy waves, we think there’s something quite striking about this particular hairstyle - it somehow manages to look perfectly undone, yet still polished.

In an interview with Vogue US, McKnight said he created the loose waves with a large barrel curling iron, then misted on his own Cool Girl Barely There Texture Mist (which you can pick up at your local Mecca) or smoothed on a lightweight moisturising balm (we suggest trying IGK Mistress Hydrating Hair Balm), depending on the texture of the models’ hair.

While we’re frothing over this style, the cute hair accessories also melted our hearts. Some models’ accessorised their soft waves with chic double CHANEL ‘C’ pearl hair clips, while other models like Kaia Gerber donned a simple loose ribbon that held their half-pony updos in place. Then there were those that teamed their loose beachy waves with beautiful straw hats.

Yep - its safe to say that we want to copy every single option for our next day at the beach.

On the makeup front, bright pink lips and big doll-like lashes created a statement look that perfectly complemented the super chic hair. Everything else was kept quite neutral, with flawless skin, groomed brows and a super subtle smoky eye to finish the look.

If you ask us, soft beachy waves and bright pink lips just became the ultimate spring – and summer – must-have.

Looking for another runway hairstyle you can actually wear IRL? Check out Emma Stone’s Rodarte-inspired look. 

What do you think of the hair from the CHANEL Spring 2019 runway show? Let us know in the comment section below.

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