5 charcoal-powered wellness tips to try

Its benefits know no bounds

Editor / September 27 2023

What do you think of when you think ‘charcoal’? A burnt barbecue? An alternative ‘no present’ replacement Santa might use if his classic coal stocks are out? A great colour for moody bathroom renovations? All fair. But charcoal is so much more than a shade or a mineral. It also happens to be a wellness hero worth working into your routine.

However, because charcoal is an almost obnoxiously capable overachiever, its benefits span many categories across beauty and wellness. In fact, it can serve as a solution to many of your woes, top to toe.

Want to get in on the purifying powers of this almighty ingredient? Here are 5 charcoal-powered wellness tips to try…

#1: Use charcoal to… purify your pores

Charcoal basically acts as a magnet for anything icky hiding within your skin. It’s a highly porous ingredient, which means it has the ability to draw out impurities such as oil, dirt, and dead skin cells, all of which skin will be happier (and cleaner/clearer) without. It’s this factor that grants it ‘great for oily or acne-prone skin’ status - introducing charcoal into your cleansing routine within a face wash is a stellar strategy for keeping your face clean, clear and blemish-free.

#2: Use charcoal to… whiten your teeth

Want to get your pearly whites, well, pearlier and whiter? Charcoal is the teeth-whitening ingredient to try. Despite the irony of the difference between the colour of charcoal and the bright white colour you’re aiming for, it’s actually a great option for removing food stains and dealing with discolouration. Toothpastes and polishing powders featuring charcoal are a good starting point for getting your teeth looking fresh and bright in a flash.

#3: Use charcoal to… absorb any odour

Our favourite of charcoal’s talents? Absorbing odour. And considering nobody appreciates odour, we’re dubbing this one ‘the talent to list at the top of charcoal’s CV’. Say you’re dealing with light bladder leakage (trust us, you are not alone); a charcoal-powered product like the Poise Advanced Odour Control Liners with Charcoal ($6.40 at Woolworths) are a must-try. Not only will they provide dryness and comfort (offering super discreet protection against LBL), but thanks to charcoal, they’ll also offer dual-layer odour protection. In fact, you can expect 95 per cent of odour reduction, compared to using no liner. All-day comfort and quality odour control? Worth a whirl, we say!

Poise Advanced Odour Control Liners with Charcoal

#4: Use charcoal to… promote hair growth

You know how we mentioned charcoal’s ability to purify? The same goes for your scalp, which then has a knock-on effect to your hair. Charcoal is tremendous at nixing excess sebum and buildup, preventing the oily hair we all know (and hate), limiting dry skin and dandruff, and unblocking hair follicles to encourage growth. Grab a shampoo with it in the mix - longer, stronger hair awaits!

#5: Use charcoal to… brighten your skin

Purifying powers aren’t all charcoal delivers in the skin department; it’s also brilliant for brightening. If it’s a naturally luminous glow you’re chasing, charcoal (incorporated into your beauty regimen through a mask or moisturiser) is a good way to get there. It’ll help to finesse your face’s tone, evening and adding glow as it goes.

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