A Chinese restaurant is giving away sheet masks instead of fortune cookies

Chinese Restaurant Sheet Mask

Surely great skin is better than a cheesy fortune?!

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / July 19 2017

While we know sheet masks have become hugely popular in recent years, with hundreds of different varieties on offer, we certainly didn’t expect to see them surpass the popularity of the humble fortune cookie.

Confused? Let us explain.

In a fantastic turn of beauty events, a Chinese restaurant in Montreal, Canada has started giving their customers sheet masks with their bill instead of fortune cookies. According to Reddit user bugrug, a waiter at Chez Maxim in Montreal’s China Town “gave me face masks with the bill and said my boss wanted me to have them. [They] made my skin really nice this morning!”

Now if you thought this occurrence might have been a one-time thing, it turns out numerous Chez Maxim patrons have also been gifted with sheet masks. “They do give these to everyone! I’ve gone before a couple of times and they gave me and my friends two each,” another Reddit user explained. Another added, “At the end of the meal we were given some of those Korean sheet face masks with our bill! Random, but provided some good entertainment for the hotel later.”

Now we just need to (im)patiently wait for Australian restaurants to catch on to this beauty trend and up their end-of-meal gift game to match Canada’s.

If your biggest gripe with sheet masks is that they have a tendency to slide off your face, then Chrissy Teigen’s new kind of sheet mask is perfect for you.

Are you a sheet mask fan? Share your favourite ones with us in the comments section below.

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