Chrissy Teigen has just transformed herself into Melania Trump and we're losing it

Chrissy Teigen Has Given Herself A Melania Trump Makeover

Cant. Stop. Laughing.

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / December 10 2019

When she’s not sharing hilarious snippets from her life, Queen of the Internet Chrissy Teigen is engaging in one of her two other favourite pastimes: shutting down online trolls, or continuing her never-ending Twitter war with United States President Donald Trump.

Now, Chrissy has cast her eye to Trump’s better half, Melania Trump. In the transformation to end all transformations, Chrissy has given herself a Melania-style makeover and has shared one seriously hilarious video of her exploits to Twitter. 

In her video post entitled "I..I look like Melania," Chrissy appears to be in the hair and makeup chair having her blowout perfected by an unseen hairstylist. She’s filmed the snippet as a Boomerang-style loop and in the clip, Chrissy can be seen squinting and pouting her lips. She actually really does bear an uncanny resemblance to America’s First Lady.

Check it out for yourself:

Adding to the effect is Chrissy’s new warm honey blonde highlights and face-framing layers which she had done a few days ago. Now that she’s mentioned it, we think her new hair does look very much like Melania’s!

If you need us, we’ll be over in the corner dying of laughter. Thanks for the giggle, Chrissy!

What do you think of Chrissy’s Melania-style beauty transformation? Let us know in the comments.

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