Chrissy Teigen didn’t go to the Grammys and made a makeup tutorial out of it

Chrissy Teigen Grammy makeup tutorial

“Make sure not to care too much”

Beauty Crew Editor / August 28 2020

Behind-the-scenes glam pictures and videos come with the territory of award seasons. Sometimes we catch a glimpse of a makeup artist’s creative process and tools used. Other times we get some candid selfies of a big-name celeb with rollers in, mid-smoky eye. 

But today the always-hilarious Chrissy Teigen brought us an entirely new version of a ‘get ready with me’ video – a makeup tutorial of her not going to the Grammys. 

Yep, despite her husband John Legend being one of the biggest names in the music industry, they were sitting this one out. Why you might ask? Well, Chrissy has one theory:

Posting to her Instagram Stories, Chrissy opened the tutorial with “Hey guys, welcome to my not-going-the-Grammys makeup tutorial,” and the proceeded to take us through her steps for her (actually very easy) makeup look.

First and second steps: conceal your face (she revealed her fave is Clé de Peau) and blend. But the best tip of all was “Make sure not to care too much”. Noted.

(Sidenote: can we talk about how amazing Chrissy’s skin texture and tone is? We only hope she’s used a filter on this video, because otherwise that’s truly not fair.) 

Next? A super-complicated hair look that involved brushing. But not any kind, Chrissy took her at-home beauty look up a notch by brushing her hair “in a backwards motion”.

Moving on to her eyes and cheeks got Chrissy a little confused/distracted, but we got there in the end, with her pulling out her trusty Shiseido Eyelash Curler (she rates this for Asian eyelashes as the shape is a bit flatter), Serge Lutens Mascara, Kevyn Aucoin blush (looks like The Neo Blush to us), Coola tinted lip balm, and Givenchy brow gel to finish it off. 

She did stop for a moment to contemplate adding some Kiss fake eyelashes to the mix (a recommendation from her buddy and celeb hairstylist Jen Atkin), but ditched the idea as she had no eyelash glue and was forced to stick to her “casual at-home vibes”. 

Truthfully, there were far too many hilarious Chrissy moments in her makeup tutorial for us to capture sufficiently in words, so you will have to watch the rest to see her in action.

If you’re thinking it’s not the most polished makeup tutorial, this tweet could explain it:

Oh, and for anyone wondering who designed her ‘I’m not going to the Grammys’ dress:

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