Kelsea Ballerini’s Grammys look proves red carpet-worthy makeup doesn’t have to mean high-end

She’s just so easy, breezy…

Content Producer / February 08 2024

If there’s anything we’re figuring out it’s that red carpet glam can come in all variations. Some stars opt for the high-end, luxe brands, while others stick to their everyday favourites to feel the most themselves while they have ten trillion photos taken of them. 

Country-pop super star Kelsea Ballerini has taken it upon herself to be one of those tried and true stars, proving to our snobby makeup-obsessed selves that drugstore products can genuinely makeup a sensational red carpet glam look…

Now this partnership shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Ballerini has been their ambassador for years! Bringing Covergirl from the chemist to the carpet, Ballerini’s stunning makeup even managed to stay put (and dry) in the LA downpour. A testament to Covergirl formulas indeed!

Covergirl Makeup

Covergirl Foundation

The makeup artist responsible for the ultra-affordable look? Kelsey Deenihan Fisher. We think the power of the duo of Kelsea(y)s made sure this was a particularly memorable Grammy-worthy look. Starting off with Ballerini’s base, Fisher blended two shades (30 and 40) of Covergirl’s Simply Ageless Skin Perfector Essence across her skin. Of course, things need to be oh-so-slightly different in Australia, so our version is Covergirl x Olay Simply Ageless 3 in 1 Foundation ($29.95 at Priceline). To correct and conceal any blemishes or pigmentation Fisher used the Covergirl Clean Invisible Concealer in shade ‘107’ ($19.95 at Priceline). 

To add depth and warmth to her face Fisher applied the (sadly unavailable in Australia) Covergirl TruBlend So Flushed High Pigment Bronzer in ‘390 Sunset Glitz’. Then to add a pop of colour she uses the Covergirl TruBlend So Flushed High Pigmented Blush in ‘320 Love Me’ ($27.08 at Amazon Australia).

Enchanting Eyes

For her sultry sparkling eyes, Fisher used a mix of fairly neutral Covergirl ‘clean’ palletes and even one of her Ballerini’s own Covergirl collabs! The two Covergirl Clean Fresh Clean Color Eyeshadow Palettes Fisher used were in shades ‘212 Shimmering Beige’ and ‘252 Mellow Mauve’ ($12.39 at Chemist Warehouse). And topping the look off with a glittering smattering of her own Covergirl Exhibitionist by Kelsea Ballerini Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow in ‘2 Nashville Dream’. The last steps for eyes? Extending her lash line with a warming brown liner: Covergirl Perfect Point Plus Ink Eyeliner Pencil in ‘280 Shimmering Brown’ ($16 at Big W) and adding fluttering lashes thanks to the plant-powered Covergirl Lash Blast Cleantopia Mascara in ‘800 Extreme Black’ ($14.39 at Chemist Warehouse). 

Barely Bold Brows

For Ballerini’s naturally fair brows, Fisher didn’t want to overdo them, instead opting for products that lightly fill in and fluff up her sleek arches. Sadly the trio of clean Covergirl products aren’t available to shop in Australia (finger’s crossed they make their way here soon). The products that were used? Covergirl Clean Fresh Brow Filler Pomade Pencil in ‘200 Blonde’, Covergirl Clean Fresh Brow Liner in ‘200 Blonde’ and Covergirl Clean Fresh Brow Enhancer Gel Wax in ‘100 Clear’.

Luscious Lips

We don’t know which of the girls came up with this lip pairing as it looks awfully similar to Ballerini’s usual ‘your lips but better’ glossy glow. Now we’ve got some seriously sad news. After scrolling endlessly, we’ve had to accept that neither of these gorgeous neutral colours are available in Australia (although other shades are available). Devastating. But for those in the know with a USA connection, we’ll still let you in on the products. Firstly Fisher took Covergirl Exhibitionist Crème Lipstick in ‘235 Champagne’ across the lips, then topped the look off with Covergirls iconic Yummy Gloss in shade ‘200 Laugh-vender’. See why we want to recreate the look so bad?

Basically Aussies, let’s unite. Our mission? To get all the super affordable, celeb-loved Covergirl beauty buys into our stores! 

Main Image Credit:  @kdeenihan

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