Christie Brinkley just won best haircut in the quarantine-lympics

We’re talking about some serious skills with the scissors, people.

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / July 22 2020

Many celebrities have tried their hand at the DIY quarantine haircut over recent months, as coronavirus cases across the globe continue to encourage the at-home option.  

Remember when Jessica Alba cut all three of her children’s hair under the watchful gaze of Jen Atkin? Or when Heidi Klum’s hairdresser wore an umbrella as a makeshift hazmat suit to refresh Heidi’s roots? So do we. #neverforget.

But, just when we thought we’d concluded the parade of celebrity at-home hair styling, along comes Christie Brinkley with her wrinkle-free face to remind us, yet again, that she is better than the rest of us. The American model recently gave her daughter, Alexa, a DIY cut and tbh, it looks like it was done by a professional. 

In a picture of the ‘before’ we’re shown that Alexa had managed to grow her hair to below her waist. But as Christie said in her caption, “Alexa Ray asked me to cut her hair because she wanted a change...she wanted Sass with Class 🌹 and I think we did it ! Et Voilà! My beautiful baby!🐆💋”

And wow, did Christie really nail the brief with this one. Just check out the stunning results for yourself:

We need to know what YouTube tutorials Christie has been watching ASAP, skills like this must be protected at all costs.

See the full transformation below:

Another celeb who’s been owning DIY hair during quarantine is Dua Lipa. Buckle up, as we revell in all the glorious stops along Dua Lipa's ever-changing hair journey.

Main image credit: @christiebrinkley

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