‘Clean’ nails is the chic manicure trend minimalist’s will love

How to recreate Kendall Jenner’s signature style

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / July 27 2020

Quarantine has certainly served us some weird, wonderful and colourful beauty looks over the past few months (case and point: fairy wings and Dua Lipa’s ever-changing hair). And while we’ve loved the creativity, a little understated style can be just as satisfying. 

If you’re a minimalist at heart, tie-dye and rainbow manicures may not have piqued your interest, but the latest nail trend as spotted on Kendall Jenner, is likely to be one you’ll love. 

Proving that less is best, the model recently took to her IG stories to share a snap of her understated mani, with the text “clean is my favourite.” Contrasted against a neon orange jumper, Jenner’s long nails bore a sheer-to-slightly pink colour that gives the illusion of glossy, natural nails, only better.

Subtle yet chic, the lowkey style is not only super easy to achieve, but if you’re not one for regular salon visits (or frequent DIY’ing), it can also be the most inconspicuous when it comes to regrowth. 

Here’s how to try the ‘clean’ nails trend for yourself:

Step 1. Buff or file your nails into your preferred shape - Jenner opted for a slightly rounded square tip that complemented her slender fingers, but feel free to get creative and find something that flatters your own hand shape or personal style. 

Step 2. Apply a base coat - This will ensure a longer-lasting finish and act as a barrier for your natural nail. A particular perk if applying gels.

Step 3. Apply a sheer nude polish - If you’re stuck on where to start, here are a few iconic shades we simply can’t get enough of:

Sally Hansen 'Devil Wears Nada'

Essie 'Skinny Dip'

OPI 'Bubble Bath'

Step 4. Apply a top coat - Not only will this provide extra longevity, but also a glossy finish that screams good nail health (even if what’s underneath does not).

Step 5. Finish with cuticle oil - Once your polish is dry, massage in a few drops of cuticle oil to keep the surrounding skin of the nail bed smooth and hydrated.

After a bolder look before you have to head back to the office? Why not try this rainbow french-tip manicure as seen on Kourtney Kardashian.

Main image credit: @kendalljenner

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