The rainbow manicure trend has cured our seasonal depression

Just a delight to see, really

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / July 27 2020

If there’s one thing we’ve been loving during quarantine, it’s seeing everybody get creative with their at-home manicures. And one delightful little trend we’ve been having heart eyes over lately just so happens to also be one of the easiest to recreate.

Introducing the rainbow manicure: the nail trend that allows you to celebrate all of your favourite polish colours with wild abandon. 

The trend has been popping off on Instagram, with Kourtney Kardashian even adopting the colourful style recently, opting for a rainbow French mani to match the neon monograms on her Louis Vuitton bag. Now that’s dedication to a look.


Pick a different colour for each nail on the days you’re feeling indecisive, a cohesive, muted palette for something more subdued, or perhaps a rainbow French tip-style for some classic (yet creative) minimalism.

No matter your predilection, this trend really does cater to everyone. Here’s some colourfully painted digits that we hope will whet your appetite for all things rainbow.

It seems manicurists have kept their eyes firmly on the horizon when it comes to trend forecasting this year. How else do you explain this dreamy cloud manicure trend?

Main image credit:@mariliadiccini

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