Mandy Moore’s new curtain fringe requires ZERO commitment

Mandy Moore curtain fringe

If you’re on the fence about a full-time fringe, you’ll want to read this

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / November 14 2018

When Mandy Moore showed up to Joni Mitchell’s 75th birthday celebration concert, we were in awe of her new curtain fringe.

But while we were all busy adding her picture to our inspo board for our next haircut, it came out that the fringe was not actually the real deal, but instead the handiwork of some cleverly-placed hair pieces.

Now, it’s no secret that celebs frequently get some extra help in the hair department by utilising hair extensions and wigs to add volume and length, or even change the colour completely. But knowing that these Jane Birkin-esque bangs (courtesy of Mandy’s go-to hairstylist Ashley Streicher) are a just a temporary style change could be all the inspiration you need to give the curtain fringe a try before making any kind of commitment.

Given that summer is fast-approaching, it may not be the best time to have a fringe cut in (hello sweaty forehead!), plus there’s always the risk that a curtain fringe may not actually suit you, so this idea of being able to dabble in non-committal bangs for a special occasion is extremely appealing.

We reached out to director and founder of Showpony Hair Extensions, Stephanie Mason, to get all the tips and advice you could need to try a faux-fringe.

#1 / Choose your hair piece wisely

Mason advises to steer clear of purpose-made clip-in fringes which can be bulky and artificial looking and instead try “three-clip or tape hair extensions as they sit flatter and look more natural. They do need to be cut and styled in, however the finished look is way better.” We recommend trying Showpony Professional 3 Clip Human Remy A+ Hair Extensions.

#2 / Get your hairdresser’s help

For a natural and seamless result, Mason says it’s important to visit a salon “to ensure that the stylist can cut, blend and colour match [the extensions] for an undetectable look.” Once that’s done, you’ll have your ideal clip-in fringe ready for any occasion!

#3/ Be mindful of where you’re clipping in the extension

To clip in the hairpiece, Mason says to “take a section from the top of your ears to the top of your head. Measure where the clips will be placed and backcomb in those areas to create a secure point for the clips to attach to. Cover using your own hair.”

Essentially what you’ll be doing is finding the point on the top of your head, where your new “fringe” should flow from, and creating some secure anchor points for it by backcombing the roots where the extension clips will attach.

Once you’ve got your fringe clipped in, we recommend creating some loose waves using a wide-barrelled curling wand such as Cloud Nine C9 Waving Wand, and finishing with a spritz of Hair By Sam McKnight Cool Girl Barely There Texture Mist (and a good tousle!) to give your hair that lived-in, ‘70s vibe.

Are you interested in learning more about hair extensions? Check out our article on everything you need to know about hair extensions.

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