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Beauty Crew Contributor / July 07 2017

We may be well on our way to perfecting our curling technique with a straightener, but the eternal struggle remains - making said curls stick. If your curls are dropping before you even leave the house there could be a few crucial steps you’re missing. We spoke to Philips HairCare Ambassador and hairstylist Paloma Rose Garcia, and Lauren McCowan, Creative Director for Cloud Nine and evo to get the exact steps you need to follow to create curls that last all day (and night).


Apply a heat protectant

We all know how taxing using hot tools can be on our hair, so for the best results apply a heat protectant (such as evo icon welder) to freshly washed hair (but ensure it’s completely dry first). “People think that more heat or hairspray will create longer holding curls, but in actual fact it’s the product used beforehand that will help seal the curl,” says McCowan.

evo icon welder


Section your hair

Separate your hair into its normal part and then take about a three-centimetre wide section of hair from around your face. Ensure the heat on your straightener is not turned up too high before you begin. “Don’t use super high heat, thinking that is what is needed to create longer-lasting curls. You will only compromise your hair, decreasing your chances of having healthy hair that holds curls easily,” explains McCowan.


Let the curling begin

Clamp the section in at the root, with the straightener facing away from your face and have the top of the tool facing towards the ground.

Phillips straightener


Work through the hair

Slide the straightener down each piece of hair in a constant movement, twisting it as you go to create the curl. “To ensure your style lasts, give [each curl a] quick fix of hairspray, as you go, making sure you do not spray too close
,” recommends Garcia.

L'Oréal hairspray


Brush it out

“Brush the look out from roots to ends. Shake the look out with your fingers to add messy texture, and give it a final fix of hairspray to ensure it stays the way you like it all day,” says Garcia.

If hot tools are your thing and you're using them on the regular, there's a good chance you are making one of these super common straightening mistakes (don't worry there's an easy way to fix them). 

What's your go-to hot tool? Share with us in the comments below.

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