The 'cub cut' is the wolf cut's new bob-length baby

Shorter, shaggier, chicer

Editor / February 27 2023

Can you think of anything cuter than a cub? We didn’t think so. A bear cub? Cute. A lion cub? Cute. A wolf cub? Cute, cute, cute. And now there’s a new haircut on the block, named after these cute cubs themselves.

Here’s everything you need to know about the ‘cub cut’, the latest cool-girl hair trend sweeping Hollywood…

What is the 'cub cut'?

Let's just say that if you love choppy layers, this is the cut for you. Defined by its 'messy' cool-factor, the cub cut is basically a mix of a shag, a mullet, and a bob. In fact, as the name suggests, it's the baby version of the infamous 'wolf cut'. And by baby, we do mean the bob version. While a wolf cut sits just below the shoulders, a cub cut sits anywhere above.

What are the other differences, you ask? Well, the cub cut (despite what its cutesy name may suggest) is actually edgier, with shorter pieces, even more shag, and far less softness. Think of it as the bob for those who would see a classic bob as basic.

Celebs are adding their names to the cub club all over too, with Maya Hawke and Jenna Ortega among the stars sampling the style. Said celebrity fans are certainly helping it to secure the 'highly coveted' status, too. Name two cooler women, we dare you!

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How to tell if a 'cub cut' will suit you

Just in case you're not sure if a cub cut is your style, we have some tips for deciding. Texture is definitely a cub cut's friend, as curls and waves will add extra shape and dimension, the two main  factors its success depends on.

For that same reason, it might not the cut for you if you prefer a more 'polished' look. If you do like to wear your hair sleek, smooth and straight, perhaps a classic Hailey Bieber bob is a better fit.

How to get a 'cub cut'

So, will your hairdresser know what you mean if you ask for a cub cut? Er, maybe. But just in case they look a little unsure, asking for a relaxed bob shape with choppy layers (and a set of piecey bangs to match) will do the trick.

As with any on-trend cut, reference pics will be your greatest ally. Nothing explains a haircut quite like a stunning snap.




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