Jenna Ortega's 3-step skin care routine costs less than $50

Wednesday Addams hunts monsters, Ortega hunts bargains

Editor / February 08 2023

It’s been a giant year for Jenna Ortega. With a show that knocked Stranger Things off its record-breaking Netflix perch (Wednesday, ever heard of it?), she entered an entirely new stratosphere of fame in a matter of days.

But even amidst all the change (from chopping her hair and nabbing a Golden Globe nomination to becoming a reluctant custodian of a viral TikTok dance), Ortega has kept one thing consistent: her skin care routine. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

The Wednesday star admits she’s actually pretty lucky with her skin – “I don't have any specific skin issues. I do have combination skin, and during the summer, it tends to lean more on the oily side. So for me, it's just about making sure I keep my t-zone in check,” the Wednesday star told Byrdie.

But how does she keep it all in check? Here’s a guide to Ortega’s go-to skin care routine, packed chock-full of affordable gems we advise adding to your own repertoire…

Jenna Ortega's favourite cleanser

We all like a thorough cleanse, but Ortega has a pretty unique reason behind her specific face wash choice. “I do a lot of horror films, and my skin cannot stand stage blood,” she told ELLE. “I have instant breakouts every time. That’s why I started doing more than the bare minimum with washing my face and staying hydrated."

"I use the Neutrogena Stubborn Texture Daily Cleanser ($22.09 at iHerb) because it gives me a deeper clean while still being gentle on my skin. It takes off all the stage dirt and oils, and I know my skin really likes it.” Delicate enough for everyday use but packed with a trio of texture-refining acids (glycolic, salicylic and polyhydroxy), it eliminates impurities and ensures just the right amount of exfoliation for a fresh face that still feels comfortable.

Neutrogena Stubborn Texture Daily Cleanser

Jenna Ortega's favourite spot treatment

Ortega is well-prepared for moments when blemishes sneak through, thanks to her time spent on film and television sets. “This is a trick I got from set,” she admitted, disclosing her hack for nixing blemishes. “They would put tea tree oil on my face when I started getting pimples, and I could feel it working right away.” Her fave formula even happens to be an Aussie one! Ortega relies on the Public Goods Tea Tree Oil ($9.95 at Public Goods) for its antibacterial, blemish-banishing abilities.

Public Goods Tea Tree Oil

Jenna Ortega's favourite face mask

If Ortega wants an all-over refresh, she resorts to a face mask. “About once a week, I’ll do a face mask with Aztec clay and apple cider vinegar,” Ortega explained to ELLE re: the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay ($12.99 at Kogan). A deep cleansing mask that purifies pores and leaves the skin balanced and bright, it’s a real winner for pressing refresh on your face. “It’s super strong, so I use it if I have aggressive breakouts,” she told Hello Giggles about her fave face mask formula.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Jenna Ortega’s best skin care tips

Ortega actually has a hot tip for keeping breakouts at bay sans skin care products, too. When quizzed by Byrdie about the best skin care advice she ever received, the actress had her answer locked and loaded. “Clean your pillowcases even more consistently than your bedsheets," she said. "That was something I had never really considered, and I remember it blowing my mind the first time I heard it. I heard that from a castmate who is very clean, very into skin care. She gave me that advice, and it changed everything."

Even with fresh pillowcases, Ortega urges you to ensure your face is freshly washed before hitting the sheets. “Falling asleep with my makeup on [is my biggest skin care pet peeve],” she added. “That was something I used to do all the time carelessly when I was younger because I didn't realise it was going to become an issue for me. Anytime I do it, and I really don’t anymore, it’s just super disappointing. I’m like, "please, please, please don’t, your skin will thank you." You will see the difference.”

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