Jenna Ortega has been using the same hair brush for 10 years

And it might be the secret to her luscious locks

Content Producer / December 20 2023

Jenna Ortega stands out not only for her next-level acting skill, but also for her stunning natural beauty. Known for her roles in critically acclaimed series and films, Ortega has become a style and beauty icon, inspiring fans worldwide. But what lies behind her flawless complexion and striking looks? 

From her skin care essentials to her go-to makeup products, Jenna's approach to beauty is a blend of simplicity, effectiveness, and mindfulness. In a video with Harper’s Bazaar UK, she revealed just what products she uses to achieve her look - including a beloved hair brush she’s been using “every day for a decade”. Here, we break down her essentials…

Jenna Ortega’s beauty essentials

Ortega’s beauty routine starts at the very roots, quite literally, with the Mason Pearson Pocket Hair Brush ($135.11 at Amazon). A staple in her beauty kit for over a decade (!), she reports she’s been using it daily since receiving it as a wrap gift on the set of one of her first projects.

“I’d just started working with hair and makeup artists for the first time, and everyone had these Mason Pearson brushes," she recalled.

She pairs her brushing routine with the R+CO Velvet Curtain Texture Balm ($51 at Catwalk), which has been an essential since her famous big chop. She said that the product helped her manage her new haircut without leaving her hair feeling thick or crunchy. 

As for makeup, Ortega says her preferences have changed over the years. She described her maximalist preferences at the age of 14 where she, “wore a full face and pink eyeshadow on a Sunday just because I could”. Now, she opts for a pared-back approach to let her skin breathe after long days on set.

In her beauty bag, you’ll find her tried and true Dior Rouge Dior Forever Lipstick in ‘200 Forever Nude Touch’ ($66 at Adore Beauty) which she pairs with her holy grail Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream ($32 at Adore Beauty). After being introduced to the product on the set of Wednesday, she now carries it with her everywhere. Better yet, the multi-tasking product also works as a cuticle cream and dry skin salve when you’re in a pinch.

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Jenna Ortega’s beauty routine continues at home with her simple 3-step skin care routine

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