I made the resolution to moisturise my body every day

And here's what I've learnt so far...

January 22 2021

I am not a New Year's resolutions kinda person. At least not serious ones anyway.

So this year, instead of promising myself to drink more water, drink less wine and finally kick my Allen's Snakes Alive habit, I picked a 'beauty resolution'.

I had a good hard look at myself (not really, I was bored in the car) and thought about the one beauty thing I've always wished I was committed to and what also probably wouldn't be that hard to incorporate into my routine.

The answer was a quick one: body moisturising. 

Prior to this experiment, the only time I would moisturise my body was the second day after self-tanning to make it last longer. And not even every time I tanned. 

We're probably talking 20-50 times my limbs were moisturised in 2020. And my goal? To bump that up to 365 times in 2021.

And now it's almost been a month, I'm yet to fail, and I thought I'd share everything I've learnt since becoming a daily body moisturiser-er.

P.S. This is actually me, not Shanina Shaik, the fine specimen in the other photo. Though the goal is to have limbs as hydrated as hers.

#1/ It really is easier when your skin is wet

The first thing I learnt when setting out on my daily body moisturising journey, is that the tip to apply while skin is still damp is no bull sh*t. It makes for such a quicker, easier and more spreadable job of it, plus I found my creams and lotions sunk in and absorbed faster. I actually do it while my skin is relatively wet and then pat dry with a towel afterwards.

#2/ Morning body moisturising works better for me

I typically shower in the mornings after the gym and found this the best time to moisturise from top-to-toe – a) because I'm done purposefully sweating for the day already and b) I'm currently working from home most days so can bask in the hydration. The alternative of nighttime is not ideal, as I do tend to get night sweats (insisting on cuddling a doona in summer will do that) and so the idea of coating my skin in body lotion before bed would only end in clammy disaster. This may change come winter, however.

#3/ Body moisturisers are amazing

I can't believe I've wasted years semi-ignoring this beauty category – there's so much goodness to behold. Here are some of the favourites I've been using. Yes, multiple, because you've really got to cater to your skin, schedule and mood, ya know!?

Favourite body creams

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, $72 at MECCA

The smell of this is intoxicating. It's like some kind of dessert and beach holiday all in one. The cream is thick and gorgeously textured too, but won't take a minute to absorb. A warning, however, if you like fresh floral fragrances, this will clash.

Chanel Gabrielle The Body Cream, $134 at David Jones

This one is reserved for luxury Sundays (or any day I want to feel decadent). It's also beautifully and strongly scented, although from a completely different fragrance family; think rose and jasmine. 

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

Chanel Gabrielle The Body Cream

Chanel Gabrielle The Body Cream

Favourite body lotions

Korres Neroli Iris Body Milk 

This one is no longer stocked in full size (I'm sorry!) but I found an amazing 40ml mixed set from MECCA so you can try all the scents! I love this one because it's lighter in texture so I can spread it in a hurry, the smell is divine and the tube is handy for travel.

Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturiser, $14.99 at Priceline

Ok, this guy has become an absolute hero. You apply it before you even step out of the shower, so it's not only super speedy but it magically provides a gradual tan WITHOUT streaking. All you have to do is remember to give your hands a quick wash afterwards. Oh, and it also smells all kinds of amazing, like coconut and shea butter. (Are we sensing a theme here?) 

Korres Neroli Iris Body Milk

Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturiser

Favourite body serum and oil

Biologi Bf Restore Face & Body Serum, $65.45 at biologi.com.au

If you've been waiting for me to name an unscented option - this is it! And as you can tell by the almost-empty packaging, it's a winner. The lightest texture by far, my skin drinks this in. It's previously known as Bf Hydrating Body Serum, but it's so gentle it can be used on the face too.

Ipsum Best Body Oil Patchouli Rose, $40 at ipsumskin.com

Even though I've lumped these two together, they couldn't be more different. While the Biologi serum is a runny, light texture, this is a rich and nourishing body oil that will leave your skin gleaming. 

Biologi Bf Restore Face & Body Serum

Ipsum Best Body Oil Patchouli Rose

#4/ I did itch a little at the beginning

Seeing as my body was used to being dry as a desert, when I finally did start pumping it with moisture, it revolted a bit. No rashes or any visible upset, it would just feel a tad itchy as it fought slightly against its new coating. It probably took a week for it to subside completely.

#5/ My towel smelt (but not bad)

Ok, this may be a touch TMI, but it's something I really noticed. Because I strongly favoured scented products and would use my towel to pat dry, my towel also began to smell strongly of those products. I mean, duh, but it also made me realise I probably wasn't washing my towel nearly enough. See? Kinda gross.

#6/ My skin is definitely softer

And smoother. You know how I know? Because now I notice how dry all the other parts of my skin are. Particularly my hands and lips. So this habit has not only kept my limbs maintained in the hydration department but now I'm a fiend for lip balm and hand cream too. New habits galore.

Final thoughts:

Daily body moisturising isn't as much of a chore as I once thought it was. In fact, if you choose products you love it's an absolute delight. Not to mention there's plenty of in-shower and speedy lighter options for the days when time is an issue. I'm actually semi-afraid to stop now because then I'll really know just how dry and neglected my body was always feeling. So let's hope I stick to it...

Main image credit: @shaninashaik

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