Demi Lovato's self-care routine sounds so darn soothing

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July 30 2020

In an age where being ‘busy’ is basically worn like a badge of honour (to-do lists! Deadlines! Push notifications!), it’s often easy to neglect to prioritise time-out too.

Demi Lovato gets it. Between life in the spotlight and all that comes with being a professional muso, the singer constantly feels ‘on.’ Which is why she’s been carving out time from her jam-packed schedule to explore meditation.

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"Everyone please listen to this IMMEDIATELY if you are struggling or feel like you need a hug right now," she wrote on Instagram Stories, alongside screenshots of a few of her favourite guided audio meditations. "This feels like a giant warm blanket and makes my heart feel so fuzzy."

In a separate story, the 27-year-old explained that her fiancé, Max Ehrich, first introduced her to the practice. Turns out she loved it so much that she "immediately” wanted to share it “with the world.”

Her first recommendation? "I AM Affirmations: Gratitude and Self Love" by the artist PowerThoughts Meditation Club – a 15-minute recording that features positive affirmations (e.g. "I love my body") and sound healing. A quick recap for those not in the know: sound healing uses specific rhythms and frequencies to slow your heart rate, relax your muscles and help shift the body into a parasympathetic state. This calms the mood, clears the mind and leaves you feeling super rested.

Demi also posted about "Affirmations for Self Love, Gratitude, and Universal Connection" by Rising Higher Meditation. This clip is a little longer (1 hour, 43 minutes) and is an especially good one for those struggling with self-worth (the narrator speaks about opening yourself up to love and support, even when you don’t feel "deserving.”)

"I swear, I haven't meditated so much in my life," Demi said in a recent interview on the Wild Ride! With Steve-O podcast. "I believe that meditation is hard work. That's why so many people don't want to do it. They use the [same] excuse I used to use: 'I'm not good at meditating. I'm too distracted.' Well, duh, that's the whole purpose. That's why you're supposed to meditate: to practice."

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