The facialist behind Demi Lovato's perfect complexion shares her number 1 tip for excellent skin

The facialist behind Demi Lovato's perfect complexion shares her number 1 tip for excellent skin

It won’t cost you a cent

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / April 24 2020

There’s not many things in life we appreciate more than a killer celebrity beauty tip. But, there is one thing: A budget-friendly celeb beauty secret.

And, Demi Lovato’s facialist Renée Rouleau (a celebrity aesthetician who is also behind other A-lister visages like Lili Reinhart and Cindy Crawford) has gone one better and delivered a hint that’s totally free…

“I never leave my skin bare for longer than 60 seconds after cleansing. After washing the face and patting dry with a towel, your bare skin is most vulnerable to dehydration through a process called ‘osmosis.’ You have a 60-second window before moisture evaporation will occur,” explains Renée on her blog.

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“I immediately apply an alcohol-free toner to deliver water to thirsty cells and then follow it with a serum and moisturiser. Doing so ensures my skin never gets an opportunity to have that tight, dry feeling which means dehydration didn’t occur. Follow this skin care rule and do your skin a big favour by working your post-cleansing routine fast,” says Renée.

So, there you have it! A celeb-approved skin care tip that won't cost you a cent, and couldn't be simpler to do.

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Main image credit: @ddlovato

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