Demi Lovato dishes on the cosmetic procedures she's had

Plus, the skin care products she's used everyday for 10 years

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / March 07 2024

Although most brides-to-be spend months preparing for their wedding day, Demi Lovato's bridal beauty routine is all about remaining consistent with her 10-year skin care routine and injectables appointments.

The 31 year old is all set to marry her fiancé Jordan Lutes this year, after the Canadian musician proposed to Lovato in April 2023, after just eight months of dating. 

"My beauty evolution has changed over the years. Obviously, getting older, you might use a bit more eye cream, and you might look towards injectables. For me, that's been the case. I just started doing things that make me feel empowered and confident and like my best self," she recently shared with Cosmopolitan. "It feels really empowering to me that I can make a choice for my beauty and stand strong in it and feel confident that no matter what other people think, I'm doing what feels best for me."

"I think that body positivity and acceptance is different than using injectables," she went on to say. "My relationship with my body is going to change over time. One day, I might feel great about it; one day, I might not. But I still take care of myself, and that's what 'beauty on your own terms' is about: feeling empowered in the choices that you're making for yourself and taking care of yourself."

"I have [always been strict with my skin care], because as my relationship with my body has changed over the years, one thing that I can control is my skin care," she explained. "I'm consistent with it and have been able to find the products that work for my skin."

Demi Lovato's Skin Care Routine

"I have an aesthetician [Renée Rouleau] that I have been working with since I was 15 years old, who I absolutely love," Lovato told Vanity Fair in a recent interview. "She doesn’t live in Los Angeles, but whenever she is in town, I make sure I can get an appointment with her and I always feel like a new person afterwards."

"I have a great routine in place that I stick to every day, full of products from skin care brand Renée Rouleau," she went on to say.

Her morning routine consists of the Blemish Control Cleanser ($40.50 from Renée Rouleau) and the Moisture Infusion Toner ($39.50 from Renée Rouleau).

Said steps are followed by the Vitamin C&E Treatment ($72.50 from Renée Rouleau), the Sheer Moisture Lotion ($44.50 from Renée Rouleau), and the Vitamin C Eye Brightener ($59.50 from Renée Rouleau).

"I would say that it's more so those two nights a week that I do my full facial regimen with peels (her favourite is Renée Rouleau's Triple Berry Smoothing Peel ($88.50 from Renée Rouleauand scrubs and masks," she told Cosmopolitan magazine. "That's when I really have time to sit and appreciate what it's doing for my skin and stay present in the moment." 

The cosmetic procedures Demi Lovato's had done

Although Lovato has never publicly admitted to getting any plastic surgery, she has been using anti-wrinkle injectables for years.

"I've incorporated Xeomin into my routine every three months, and it gives me the results I want while still looking like myself. There are times I like to get glam and times when I don’t like to wear makeup at all, and this gives me the confidence for both," the brand ambassador told People magazine.

"I’m always transparent with my fans, and this is something I wanted to share. It normalises it and takes the taboo away from injectables," she explained. "It’s all about what makes you feel like your best self. Don’t listen to naysayers. Do what makes you feel comfortable in your own skin."

"I'm not unfamiliar with injectables, and this is a way to have a product that I feel good about and that makes me feel like my best self. It feels like a natural step in my beauty evolution. I don't want to see frown lines if I can avoid them, and with this, I can," she told Cosmopolitan. "Plus, I love that I still feel expressive and look like myself. I can still act and perform confidently. And the process was quick for me. I had a good experience. I wasn't scared or anything, and I love the results."

"Injectables have been taboo, but now they're more mainstream. It's no secret that people are doing them. What's bad is when you hide it and you pretend like you're not," she went on to say. "So sharing my experience with Xeomin has been great. Using a product that feels healthy is really important to me, and I want to share that with others too."

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