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Let’s talk cost, pain levels and results

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / November 01 2023

Since the introduction of injectable hyaluronic acid and moisturiser products like Profhilo, our concept of what constitutes an ‘injectable’ has changed.  

Our aesthetic maintenance routines have expanded to include more than just skin care, facials, and bi-monthly anti-wrinkle and filler injections. 

Instead, we’re optimising skin health and addressing surface-level concerns with alternative treatments that work to improve those hard to reach layers of our skin. 

Beauty Boosters are one such alternative injectable treatment that utilises ingredients typically found in skin care and implants them into the skin using a collection of micro needles. 

On paper, a Beauty Booster treatment sounds like the culmination of micro-needling and bio-remodelling injections. However, in practice it is neither of these things. 

What are beauty boosters?

“Beauty Boosters are a non-invasive treatment where fine hyaluronic acid is injected directly into the skin at specific depths and volumes utilising a multi-needled device,” Dr. Bill Lyon (Fellow of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine) explains to BEAUTYcrew

“It’s similar but very different to a number of the other skin improvement treatments currently available such as micro needling and energy-based treatments, which aim to improve skin quality and tone,” he explains. 

Beauty Boosters specifically aim to improve the overall hydration, radiance, firmness, volume, texture and tone of the skin under the eyes, the face (minus the forehead), the neck, the décolletage and the hands.

Topical anaesthetic creams are applied to numb the skin and minimise pain levels during the 30-minute treatment. However, patients can expect to experience some redness, swelling and bruising after the treatment, but this usually dissipates after the first 24 hours post-treatment.

“The downtime is normally less than one day but may be extended if there is significant bruising,” says Dr. Lyon. “[However], LED light treatments are useful in improving the healing time.”

Beauty Booster cost

Treatment prices tend to vary based on the treatment clinic and the practitioner administering the treatment’s skill level. But in Australia you can expect to pay anywhere between $599 and $1000 for a full face of Beauty Booster or V2 skin booster injections. 

However, experts recommend a treatment package of three sessions scheduled three weeks  apart, in order to achieve the best result possible, and these packages can retail for anywhere between $1700 and $2900. 

You should see positive effects of the treatments for the nine months following your last session, however it is also recommended to schedule in additional maintenance sessions every four to six months.

Beauty Booster review

Ageless Clinics in Bondi extended an invitation to BEAUTYcrew and I was able to try the treatment myself. I have received bio-remodelling injections (which also utilise a form of fine hyaluronic acid) in the past and I was keen to see if the injectable treatments had similar results. 

Dr. Bill informed me that there were a number of similarities, but they are also very different treatments. 

In my opinion, even after applying a medicated dose of numbing cream, this is a very painful treatment. The machine used to administer the treatment looks like an industrial-sized nail gun, and the apparatus has a suction mechanism that gathers the skin before a collection of micro-fine needles are stamped into it. Every area of the face has to be stamped twice, however the forehead and nose areas are avoided. 

I have to admit I did experience needle fatigue and I thought about halfway through I might have to tap out. I was given two stress balls to grip onto for the length of the treatment and I was squeezing them so hard my hands started to hurt a bit. There was a fair bit of bleeding, but Dr. Bill cleaned this up as he went, so when I looked at myself in the mirror after the session my face just looked a bit swollen and I had some minimal bruising under my eyes. 

Before treatment

During treatment

Directly after treatment

I was ushered into another treatment room after my appointment and set up under an Omnilux LED lamp to aid and optimise healing, and minimise any potential inflammation and bruising. However, I didn’t experience any kind of tenderness or pain in my face during the healing process and I was able to apply light skin care directly after the treatment and makeup after 24 hours. It’s also recommended to avoid alcohol, air travel and strenuous exercise for up to 72 hours after the treatment, and dental treatments, aesthetic procedures (including facials), sun exposure and saunas are to be avoided for 15 days after treatment too. 

Omnilux LED Treatment

Omnilux LED Treatment

Years ago, I’d experienced some lingering bruising from mono threads I’d had ‘injected’ under my eyes, so I was aware that I would likely bruise under my eyes after my Beauty Booster appointment, and I did. However, the bruising was light and easy to cover with makeup so it didn’t bother me very much. It took about a week for the bruising to completely go down, but if you don’t bruise as easily as I do you probably won’t experience this issue.

Beauty Booster results

It’s been three weeks since my appointment and my skin looks a lot more radiant, plump and more glowy than it did prior to Beauty Booster injections. My complexion is more refined, my skin tone has evened out and I have noticed a minimisation in texture and redness too. Unfortunately, I’ve been experiencing a few breakouts on my chin, but they’re definitely hormonal and unrelated. 

Before Beauty Booster

3 weeks after Beauty Booster

Ultimately, if a bit of pain doesn’t put you off then I would definitely recommend this treatment as I really like the results. However, if you’d prefer a similar result that’s not as painful I’d recommend bio-remodelling injections. And, of course, If you’re interested in any of the treatments mentioned, please speak to a doctor first to ensure you get the best treatment plan for your skin. 

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Image credit: All images supplied by Ageless Clinics and BEAUTYcrew

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