Meet the mascara that’ll lengthen and strengthen every single lash

Three words: tapered. tip. brush

Editor / October 19 2023

As someone who rarely even likes to exit my apartment sans extensions (I like a lot of lash, okay?), mascara has always been tricky business for me.

I’ve got light eyes (which require a lot of definition to look ‘done’, or hell, even ‘open’), and not much to work with in the way of natural lashes. They’re short, straight, and sparse: massive score, I know…

So whenever a new mascara drops onto my desk, I’m usually equal parts hopeful and skeptical. Can It live up to my beloved lash extensions or favourite pair of falsies? Well, it’s always an uphill battle. Here’s my experience trying the Revlon Xtensionnaire mascara…

The product

Revlon’s ColorStay Xtensionnaire™ Mascara ($12.47 at Chemist Warehouse) is all about delivering extension-like length without the salon upkeep (or salon prices). Infused with Pro-Vitamin B5 (an ingredient that works to keep lashes conditioned and strong), it’s devoted to delivering as much strength as it does length.

As for said length-extending ability, you can chalk that up to the weightless flexi-polymer fibers in the mascara’s mix – they’re able to extend and define lashes, giving them that ‘stretched out’ look that us lash lovers are always chasing.

Revlon ColorStay Xtensionnaire™ Mascara

Revlon ColorStay Xtensionnaire™ Mascara review

I always like to start with a ‘one coat wonder’ test whenever I’m trialling a new mascara, and I must say, upon first impression, I found the fanning effect rather astounding. My lashes rarely lift or lengthen for longer than a few minutes, so I was elated to see they stayed that way for several hours following application. After a few tries of one coat, however, I doubled down with a second a few days into testing to see how much further I could take the formula.

That was the winning trick for me – one coat to fan out, lengthen and shape my lashes, then another a few minutes later to add extra ‘wow’ factor (AKA darkness and definition). And considering my lashes are (as mentioned) as brittle as they are limited, a second hit of anything that conditions as it coats can’t be a bad idea.

My favourite feature? The tapered tip brush. I can’t afford to be missing any lashes with what I’m working with, so a brush that catches and defines every individual one is a must for me. That’s exactly what the Revlon ColorStay Xtensionnaire™ Mascara excels at: wrapping around each one (no matter how tiny) and depositing the perfect amount of formula, without looking clumpy in the slightest.

I didn’t notice any smudging or flaking through the day, either, even though I have the kind of low brow bone that always seems to end up with a zebra stripe artwork of mascara stains.

The verdict

While I didn’t clock the full volume I’d get from a set of professional lashes (fair enough, and hey, you might if your natural lashes are fuller than mine), I didn’t feel the need to layer on extra fake lashes every day, either. I was impressed with the amount of lift, lengthening and volume I saw, especially considering how light my lashes still felt. There’s none of that pesky heaviness that come with the fake or extension kind!

Another reason to swap to this mascara over other options? The price. Any solid product I can nab at the chemist for less than 13 bucks is a winner.

Look, will I cancel all upcoming lash extension appointments and swear to never wear a pair of fluffy falsies again? Unlikely – again, I like a lot of lash. But will I apply this lengthening, strengthening delight between appointments and on days where medium definition and drama on the eyes is appropriate? You bet.

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