Can a silicone gel treatment actually work to treat scars?

Dermascar silicone gel reviews

Our Review Crew® put one to the test…

Beauty Crew Editor / August 28 2020

The product

Our scars always have a story to tell, and whether it’s from burning your arm with a hair curler or removing a tray from the oven at the wrong angle, sometimes we’d prefer if the markers of those stories (i.e. the scars) don’t stick around for too long.

That’s where a product like DermaScar® Platinum C&E comes in. A light silicone gel packed with vitamins C and E, it works to visibly lighten, fade and hydrate scars in just four weeks, while also working double-time to help prevent photo-damage and reduce scar pigmentation.

This clinically-proven silicone gel is recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons for the prevention and treatment of raised scars no older than two years, and can help treat stretch marks and scars caused by trauma, burns and surgery. But what did Beauty Crew’s readers have to say about this product?

Our Review Crew® put the silicone gel to the test.

The panel

Beauty Crew sent DermaScar® Platinum C&E to a panel of 20 women who were looking to treat scars and stretch marks.

The lowdown

Here’s what the Review Crew® loved about DermaScar® Platinum C&E:

How easy it was to apply: Besides finding the silicone gel formula easy to spread on application, testers liked that it was quick to absorb without leaving a wet or sticky feeling. Those using it on their face also commented that the silicone gel did not affect their makeup application.

How well it worked to fade the scar: The majority of testers were pleased to report that after using the silicone gel for a few weeks, they noticed an improvement in the appearance of the colour of their scars. Reviewers commented that their scars had faded and lightened after twice-daily use. And while they acknowledged their scars had not completely disappeared, there was a marked improvement.

How well it worked it reduce the overall size and appearance of the scar: While most saw the biggest difference in their scar’s colour, some testers also noticed improvements in texture and size. Some members also found that their scars had flattened a bit. Other triallers commented that while they only noticed small improvements, they were keen to keep using the silicone gel beyond the Review Crew trial period.

Good to know: As the tube is only 15g, numerous testers recommended using the silicone gel on smaller scars, rather than larger areas.

The verdict

“After using it twice a day for around one month, I definitely can see that my scars have lightened, the dark brown [has] now changed to lighter brown and the older scar [is starting] to fade now. I’m very happy with the result & will keep using this gel until all my scars are gone.”
REVIEWcrew® member
“The scars on my forehead and end of jaw have definitely improved in colour. The forehead scar is not as noticeably brown and the jaw scar is not as pink as at baseline. The scars have flattened on my forehead and jaw.”
REVIEWcrew® member
“I have found that the scar has reduced in size dramatically and has lightened in colour significantly also. I have now started to use it on other scars I have as I have found it to be successful with the original scar and am hoping that it will help other scars I have as well.”
REVIEWcrew® member

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*This average star rating is based on 18 reviews and is correct as of 15/02/2019

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