The 'digital lavender' nail craze has created the Internet's favourite new non-boring neutral

Galactic > glazed

Editor / March 27 2023

We’d like to thank glazed donut nails (and subsequently Hailey Bieber) for everything they’ve done for the beauty game. Why? Because they basically ushered us into an era where shimmer (once again) reigned supreme. After all, back in the early '00s, for something to be fabulous, its ‘frost’ factor had to be sky-high.

The craze even gifted us a new ‘neutral’, creating an option for those who find ‘Funny Bunny’ a little boring. Sorry, we know there are super fans out there, but some of us crave something a little snazzier!

Well, speaking of snazzy, ‘glazed’ is turning to ‘galactic’ with the latest nail hue sweeping the digital world. And ironically, it’s even inspired by the digital aesthetic of yesteryear. Here’s everything you need to know about ‘digital lavender’ nails…

What are ‘digital lavender’ nails?

So what is this magical manicure all about?! 'Digital lavender' nails showcase a heavenly holographic look that adds extra depth (through extra shimmer) and a dose of colour other than chrome (namely pale purple) to the glazed donut vibe.




Think of the frosty lavender flip phones, computer games, and Game Boys of the early ‘00s. Pearlescent lilac polish is bringing the looks those old-school gadgets made iconic right back into the 'cool' column, and we’re beyond on board.

Side note: anyone else getting major Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century vibes?! The 'digital lavender' look is somehow nostalgic and futuristic-looking all at once.

Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century/Disney

How to ask for 'digital lavender' at the salon

A picture is always your best bet for showing your nail technician exactly what you want, but here's the general gist. Ask for icy lavender polish with a touch of shimmer within, to then be topped with the same chrome dust that Hailey Bieber's OG look featured, just in a dreamy purple hue instead.

Here's a how-to in action...

How to get 'digital lavender' nails at home

Want to work some DIY 'digital lavender' magic? Simply purchase a pearlescent pale purple polish! If you don't have any faves left over from the '00s, that is...

Flormar Pearly Nail Enamel in ‘Lilac Dreams’ ($6.11 at Care To Beauty), ulta3 Nail Polish in ‘Lollypop Lilac’ ($3.50 at ulta3), and Jessica Cosmetics Nail Colour in ‘Lilac Pearl’ ($21.95 at Jessica Cosmetics) will all do the trick. As for how many layers, 2-3 will usually deliver a good amount of both lavender colour and galactic shine.

Flormar Pearly Nail Enamel in ‘Lilac Dreams’

ulta3 Nail Polish in ‘Lollypop Lilac’

Jessica Cosmetics Nail Colour in ‘Lilac Pearl’

The only thing left to do is dig out one of your old digital devices and delight in the chrome-y lavender colour match. While watching Zenon, of course. We're serving up digital lavender nostalgia across the board.

Main image credit: @opi

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