The dip-dye hair trend has been refreshed on the runway by Alexander McQueen

BRB, having flashbacks

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / October 15 2021

As any millennial will be able to tell you, in the naivety of our youth we all decided at one time to dye our hair utilising a somewhat *controversial* technique.

Known as ‘dip-dye’, this hair colouring trend saw a bunch of young women create chunky, bleached highlights at the ends of their hair (and some of us even upped the ante with highlighter pinks and electric blues).

Whether it was a shout-out to Abbey Lee-Kershaw’s raspberry and highlighter yellow-coloured ends from her 2010 Vogue Australia cover shoot or the influence that Tumblr had over pop culture at the time, everyone and anyone was dyeing the absolute crap out of their (split) ends.



And then, just as swiftly as it arrived, the dip-dye trend was replaced with more forgiving iterations of lazy-girl hair colour, like balayage. 

But if you thought we’d said goodbye to the trend for good – then you’d be wrong. 

Just this week, the Alexander McQueen SS22 runway show debuted a fresh new model by the name of Helena Jay with dip-dyed strands.

Jay’s beautiful bronde tone was enhanced with a softly-blended hue of lilac, adding dimension to her cascades of effortless and undulating wavy hair.

And we don’t know about you, but this modern take on the look has us seriously reconsidering dip dye; a hair colour trend we thought we’d retired along with our school uniform.

Maybe we should have listened to JT when he said “what goes around, comes around”...

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Main image credit: @helenaij

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