Doja Cat's makeup artist is done with "beautiful" makeup

“Makeup does not have to be traditional!”

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / November 03 2022

Doja Cat is the poster child for unconventional beauty looks.

After Doja shaved her eyebrows off during an Instagram live, she’s used her face as a literal blank canvas ever since. 

But she hasn’t done it on her own. She’s employed the help of surreal makeup artist Laurel Charleston to take her look into new and outlandish territories. 

Charleston has decorated Doja in gold body paint, hand-painted gloves and a swirl of monochromatic abstract designs — one of which the singer actually wore to Beyoncé’s birthday party. 




The experimental makeup artist has painted Doja’s face with the mindset that “makeup does not have to be traditional,” they explained to Vogue. “Makeup does not have to be glam [and] makeup does not have to be beautiful!”

“There was just a genuine understanding that we’re here to create extensions of her own, extremely creative expression,” they went on to say. 

“Personally, I am so tired of watching the general public try to tear down any woman or femme that doesn’t conform to traditional beauty standards,” they explained. “It’s flat-out misogynistic, reductive, and so harmful, as our beauty ‘standards’ have always been shaped and molded to appease the male gaze.” 

However, they still believe that creative expression is possible in a world obsessed with a monolithic expression of beauty “once you let yourself go from some of these rigorously normative expectations.” 

“You just begin to explore the countless possibilities that exist when using makeup as a tool for artistic expression,” they continued. 

In fact, Doja and a handful of other celebrities are doing just that and embracing one of this year’s most controversial trends – shaved eyebrows

Main image credit: @laurelcharleston

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