Doja Cat shaved her eyebrows off on Instagram Live

And is now ushering in an age of eyebrow art

Editor / August 08 2022

Every time we think Doja Cat has hit the maximum level of iconic, she goes and raises the bar. The latest way she's done so? By shaving her own eyebrows off on Instagram Live. Yep, she legitimately went right in with the razor (and a little shaving cream) while also showcasing an impressively elaborate cobalt cat eye, crease and inner corner combo. Hard to top, we know.

Her brows weren't all she removed, either; Doja took care of a fresh scalp shave, too (after cropping her hair off originally a few weeks earlier). "I was never supposed to have hair," she stated during the process, explaining that she's always found the upkeep frustrating.

"I'd be working out, but I couldn't focus because I was more concerned with how I looked and how my hair was doing," Doja explained. "I'd put a beanie on top of a wig that's on top of a wig cap that's on top of braids. I don't wear my hair out. I don't even wear it natural because I don't feel like it."

"What is the use of having hair if you're not gonna wear it out?" she continued. "I'm over it." She even called having hair a "f---ing nightmare" and said she's "really liking" her shaved head. "I just can't believe that it took me this long to be like: shave your f--king head," she said.

As for the eyebrows, some followers did warn her that shaving them off entirely can cause issues with the way they'll look further down the line. "They don't grow back the same," one fan warned in the comments as Doja was midway through her left brow.


However, it doesn't look like that will be an issue; she's already busy mastering the game of the drawn-on brow, with a twist. She's been inking on an array of designs from flowers and hearts to swirl illustrations in place of her natural arches.

The star is playing around with shades, too, incorporating hues of green, yellow, white, black and purple into her aesthetics. Why would you rock a regular brow when you could have literal art as eyebrows?!




So while we're not quite sure we could personally pull off the 'no brow' look the same way Doja does, we must admit we have a touch of eyebrow art FOMO. We'll be living vicariously through her brow masterpieces for the foreseeable future...

Main image credit: @dojacat

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