This is Doja Cat’s exact workout routine

“Baby, I need to know”

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / May 30 2022

Look, we know we’re pointing out the obvious here, but who else has noticed that Doja Cat has changed a fair bit since her “Juicy” days?

The rapper slash singer has been dancing her whole life (and is trained in everything from ballet, tap, jazz and breakdance), but it’s fair to say she’s been sporting a slimmer waist lately. 

And it turns out there’s a good reason for that… she’s been working overtime in the gym and in dance rehearsals to strengthen her body in order to keep up with her rigorous on-stage performances. 

Doja’s trainers have previously shared behind the scenes footage of the pop star's workouts, but now the tea has officially been spilled by none other than the artist herself in an Instagram Live

And, as one can only expect from Doja, the candid explanation of her gym routine is very relatable.

“My workout routine is…” she teased in the Instagram Live. 

“Now I can tell you because I’m actually working out now,” she said in the video. “It used to be rehearsals for awards shows, that’s why during awards season I look very skinty honey,” she went on to say. 

Like most of us though, Doja is a little baffled by all the fitness lingo. “I look like this because I’m doing four – I don’t know how to speak in ‘gym’, in gym-lish – but I’m doing four sets…,” she trailed off with a confused look on her face.  

“Okay, okay, today I’m doing upper body lifting, I’m doing weights,” she confirmed to the camera as she buffed concealer into her skin. 

“I do push. I do pull.” 

Wondering what that means, because we sure were. 

“Push would be whatever that sh*t is when you put your arms above your head,” explained the 26-year-old as she demonstrated a chest press. 

“My friends and I are working out together so they tell me what to do,” she added, trying to explain away her ignorance. “And then I do pulling, but that’s a different day. I work on everything. I just do simple stuff like that.”

By now you’re probably under the impression that Doja Cat maybe isn’t that fond of the gym but apparently she doesn’t find it all bad; “I do like jump squats and sh*t.” 

“I’ll take the little ball with the handle on it (AKA a kettlebell) and do that and squat,” she said.

“I love doing squats,” continued the rapper. “Don’t know why but my bottom half responds to it a lot, and you can see it immediately.”

Oh, we know, and we’re an appropriate amount of jealous. 

However, according to Doja, she does struggle when it comes to arm exercises. “My upper half, I don’t know, I’ve just always had noodle arms my whole life.” 

We all have our Everest…

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