Dua Lipa's 'Training Season' music video lipstick, revealed

We know the exact shade…

February 22 2024

Let’s be real. Music videos haven’t exactly been so popular in the more recent years (sorry MTV). In fact, we actually couldn’t tell you the last music video we watched. That was until Dua Lipa (teased) and then dropped her ‘Training Season’ music video. 

Considering we’ve had the video playing on a loop, it’s no wonder that we’ve had some big thoughts about the tune and its accompanying video. We simply cannot get past the simple starfish-shaped nod to Lipa’s role in the Barbie movie (and of course the soundtrack) that hangs around her neck in the clip. Can anyone say EGOT era? We think it’s on the cards.

That’s not the only aspect of the aesthetic we’re finding ourselves obsessed with, though; here’s a breakdown of Dua Lipa’s ‘Training Season’ beauty look… 

Cherry Cola Hair

Let’s talk about the colour Lipa basically propelled to its own level of stardom: ‘cherry cola’. Now don’t get us wrong, we totally get that the colour has graced many a nail over the last year or so, but no one has done Cherry Cola hair quite like Lipa. Giving her reasons for the shift in tone, she said that while creating the album she kept seeing red as a recurring theme so she wanted to reflect that in her tresses. And thank goodness for that.

The Exact Lipstick

The last music video moment we’re still recovering from is her second of solitude to reapply her lipstick and take on the world (of men). While the makeup look as a whole is truly unforgettable, her lips are the standout feature. And to say we didn’t stare as she sang would be a flat out lie. So, we were so glad that as we kept watching we got let in on that plumping colour. 

Now, we probably shouldn’t be surprised to find out that the lipstick is none other than YSL, as Lipa is the face of their fragrances. But we were pleasantly surprised when some sleuthing brought us to a ‘90s inspired nudey brown toned lip that comes packed with plumping, hydrating, all-day gloss-giving ingredients. The lippy we’re talking about? YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Candy Glaze Lipstick in ‘Nude Pleasure’ ($68 at YSL Beauty)

So, forgive us as we go to slather our lips and watch the video just one more time…

Main Image Credit: @dualipa

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