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Step into your Barbie era

BEAUTYcrew Beauty & Social Editor / June 18 2023

From what we’ve seen of the live-action Barbie movie, we’re absolutely obsessed. The cast, the soundtrack, the pink-ness – it truly is all our childhood dreams come true. And yes, we’ve been watching Dua Lipa’s (AKA Mermaid Barbie) “Dance The Night” music video on repeat since it dropped in May.

The music video is quite literally packed with iconic Barbiecore moments, from Barbie cast cameos (minus Ryan Gosling, because he’s just Ken), to Dua’s lavender chrome nails and the revival of the slicked-back high pony. But our favourite aspect? Dua’s sparkly Barbie makeup. 

The glam was created by makeup artist Lisa Eldrige, whose eponymous makeup line was used to create the looks in the Barbie movie. We’ve been obsessing over the look ever since Dua dropped the music video. 

It seems the glam Gods have answered our prayers because Eldridge just dropped a full breakdown and tutorial of Dua’s “Dance The Night Away” makeup on her Youtube channel. And yes, we took notes…


Go bold with the eyes

Starting with the eyes or base is a contentious issue amongst makeup artists, but Eldridge starts with the eyes. She preps the eyelids with the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer ($42 at MECCA), then goes in with a sky blue shade, but says: “You can really use anything you’ve got in your stash…  blues, lilacs, turquoises, any of those Barbie shades.”

Next, go in with a “stronger deeper blue” to create depth. Eldridge uses a shade from the Lisa Eldridge Sorcery Eyeshadow Palette ($80 at Selfridges). And don’t worry about blending yet, simply pack the pigment onto the outer edge of the eyelid. Eldridge then applies a pinky-lilac shade to the inner brow bone to “create a flash of Barbie violet-pink” and blends across the brow bone.


Glitter time

It’s time to add some glitter, and here’s where the blending magic happens. Use a light blue glitter and tap in around the centre of the lid, working outwards to create a disco eye effect. 

For the second glitter layer, use a two-tone loose glitter (Eldridge uses the KARLA Cosmetics Opal Multi Chrome Loose Eyeshadow in ‘Lazy Bones’, $34 at Glam Raider). Spray an application brush with setting spray, then dip it into the glitter and apply where the two eyeshadow hues meet to blend the light and dark hues. Tap some more glitter in with your fingers to intensify the finish.

And because you can never have too much glitter (in Barbieland, at least), apply a sparkly silver eyeshadow to the inner corner and an icy blue shade under the bottom lash line.


More colour

Stay with us, we’re in the final stages! Of the eye makeup that is… Go back in with your deep eyeshadow shade to intensify the outer eye. Next, Eldrige applies a light blue liner (white also works) on the waterline and the Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in ‘Blue’ ($42 at Myer) to tight line the upper lash.


Enhance your natural lashes

Apply a few coats of Lancôme Lash Idole Waterproof Mascara ($57 at David Jones) for bold, voluminous lashes. Eldridge says that Dua didn’t wear falsies because “The eye look is so strong and colourful. I [also] felt like not having fake lashes would keep the look much more modern,” she explains. “I wanted a modern version of Barbie, not an Instagram version.”


Prep and perfect your base

Next up: creating a dewy, glowy base. Eldrige preps the skin with the Avène Hydrance Rich Hydrating Cream ($57.99, currently on sale for $40.99 at Adore Beauty) and skips the primer (this cream is ultra-hydrating on its own, trust us). 

Eldridge applies a light layer of her Seamless Skin Foundation ($72 at Selfridges), focusing on the areas that need the most coverage (under the eyes, around the nose) but feel free to apply your base as you usually would. 

She then uses her signature pinpoint technique to “zone in on those smaller areas that need more coverage” using a fine brush to conceal any spots. And honestly, we’re adopting this as our new concealer technique because WOW that skin is spotless…


Soft-sculpt and illuminate

Eldrige applies highlighter to the high points of the cheekbones, the brow bone and Cupid’s bow. “I had meant to put this on before foundation… but it’s never too late,” she says. It turns out Eldridge is just as obsessed with underpainting as we are…

As for sculpting? Keeping it soft and simple is Barbie Dua’s beauty look BFF. Eldridge uses a cream bronzer “to create a very very subtle not a contour exactly but some shading and shape to the face [because] as soon as I saw the lighting for the video I knew that heavy contour would not work.”


Blush layering

The industry secret to creating picture-perfect rosy cheeks? Layering your blush. Eldrige mixes different shades of pink shimmery and matte blushes, applying the blush cocktail to the cheeks. She then buffs the blush below the brows (set with the Benefit 24-Hour Brow Setter Gel, $48 at Sephora) and temples for that gorgeous diffused look.

And voila! You’re ready to go live your best Barbie life.

Main image credit: Tyrell Hampton via @dualipa

Image credits: Lisa Eldridge

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