Emily Ratajowski is reviving the side fringe with a vengeance

And Dua Lipa is on team 'swoop renaissance' too

Digital Beauty Editor / September 26 2022

Side part slander has definitely been at an all-time high these last few years. But it seems Gen Z and the A-list have rather different takes on the trend. And sure, maybe Gen Z just don't get it; they weren't all  present the first time the swoop reigned supreme, so maybe it's tough to wrap your head around (or rather, wrap around your head). But we still swear there's something to be said for a solid side-swept look, and as we alluded, the stars agree.

Because while Gen Z can't even get on board with splitting your hair part to the side in general, some celebs are not only pulling for the return of the side part, but for a full-fledged side fringe swoop. Like, we're talking emo fringe energy, but chic.

A member of said celeb crew campaigning for the side fringe's revival? Emily Ratajkowski, who's making a case for both the look as a whole, and its impressive versatility. Styled with a classic down-do? Fabulous. With sunnies? Stunning. Left to fend for itself with hair whipped into an updo? A damn triumph!

Ratajkowski looks right out of a dreamy '00s rom-com, and we're loving it! See, a side fringe doesn't have to look like The Hills cosplay – it can still be modern and polished if done right. And by done right, we mean worn ever so slightly wispily (with a few forehead flashes), and in hair with a bit of body and texture. No dead straight swoop styles, please. Let's leave those kinds in 2003.

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Ratajkowski isn't the only celeb vying for a side fringe comeback either – Dua Lipa has also tried the style on for size. Embracing a beehive-esque updo, Lipa added a fresh twist to the resurfacing trend by styling most of her hair in a centre part, and only sweeping the fringe section across from the side.

An updo is a great option for nodding to the nostalgia without the risk of the 'flat' hair the side fringe is associated with. Get a little extra lift going at the back and even finer hair types will be able to work a side sweep.

As for how far to go when you're placing your part, think of the middle of your brow as the border; you want a fringe, not a full combover.




So what do you say? Ready to dive back into the side fringe game? If two of our fave beauty icons are already doing so, you best believe we'll be following suit.

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