My body has never felt so loved after using this serum and lotion combo

I should’ve started layering sooner

Editor / March 10 2023

If you’re dedicated to your skin care routine but always forget about your body, this review is for you. Since using the endota New Age Body Firming Serum and Body Firming Lotion, I have a newfound appreciation for layering and using high quality ingredients on my limbs —  not just my face.

I’ve known for so long that skin care products will only yield results if the ingredients within them are clinically proven and potent. Yet, I never gave my body routine any thought.

So here’s what happened when I flipped the script and showed my body the same respect as my face.

The products

Let’s start with the one that probably grabbed your attention first, the endota New Age Body Firming Serum ($85 at endota). Yes, serum. This concentrated, triple-action formula contains body-firming peptide Adifyline©, hyaluronic acid and a potent active ingredient Body3 Complex, which is clinically proven to visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretchmarks.

The New Age Body Firming Lotion ($70 at endota) is just as results-driven, with the same peptide Adifyline© and Body3 Complex featured in its formula. It also contains caffeine, hyaluronic acid and botanical butters, which work together to help increase microcirulation. Yep, these two are far from your average hydrators.

endota New Age Body Firming Serum

endota New Age Body Firming Lotion

endota New Age Body Firming Serum and Body Firming Lotion review

I was excited by the idea of using a body serum straight away. And when I pumped out the product to find it was a similar consistency to the ones used on my face, I was stoked.

The endota New Age Body Firming Serum is clear in colour, fragrance-free and vegan-friendly. It has that nourishing not-runny but not-too-thick texture that spreads beautifully and absorbs in seconds.

I got in the habit of applying it straight out of the shower and found it spread easier if my skin was a little damp. Likewise, because it contains hyaluronic acid, it draws and holds onto moisture better if skin isn’t completely dry. And I did notice that if my skin was too dry when I used it, it had the tendency to feel a little tacky. So damp and post-shower was best!

I used the serum solo a few times in the morning and it does provide a decent dose of hydration on its own but you probably won’t feel it as such on the surface. So for those who like a lotion or more nourishing cream, layering the two products definitely feels more decadent and spa-like.

Unlike the serum, the endota New Age Body Firming Lotion does have a scent. And it’s one that instantly makes you want to exhale (and forget every woe in the world). Essential oils of rose, citrus and vanilla are responsible for the calming influence and turn what would usually be a quick slap-dash of product into a more mindful self-care step.

The two work well together and I never experienced any product pilling when layering. I also liked that one was scented while the other wasn’t, so they weren’t competing for my attention. My skin was always left feeling soft and hydrated, with a lingering scent and no dreaded stickiness.

The final verdict

The ritual of having a two-step routine for my body definitely made me slow down each evening and take better care of my skin from the neck down. I think the different textures of each product also allow for versatility throughout the changing seasons, whether I want to keep it light with the serum in summer or double-down on the lotion-layering in winter.

I never really thought about it but it’ll be great to change up my body care as my skin needs, just like with my face routine. I have also noticed that my skin texture has improved after a few weeks use, particularly on my arms and chest where the skin looks and feels smoother than before.

It can be an adjustment to invest in your body care but when you think about what you’ve spent on your face in the past, your body really does deserve some love.

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